My vortex in my solar plexus

My vortex in my solar plexus

Observing myself I taught myself many things. Ideas that were placed before me .. I vetted ... I would ask it .. now which dumb mind created you ... speak up .. or forever hold your piece (my peace was always within me) . And it would whisper .. I am the devil ... I am your fear for as a god you live not. Not live as a god ... how could that be ??? Now wisdom is no story that I know as one .. it is hidden in many many stories ... maybe you too could be one for yourself ... hidden from you until you read MasterMind .. for words are triggers to release the right past for your life.

And I answered .. you put the white being of wisdom beyond the chinvat bridge. My parsi friends will understand this word for it is the dark tunnel we need to cross to connect to our other side .. the spirit side of us when we die.

My question to you would be .. are you sure you want to die
before you see the other side of you. It is with you here in any case .. so why wait.
And I know through my esoteric side that we die every minute or as long as we hold a particular thought. The minute we release that thought we cease to exist in that plane of existence and move into another. It is our vibration that creates a physicality within us through our dominant thought. How else can I explain that I would have a cold for a few minutes and if I controlled its energy .. it was gone. If I tried to read something far away and I do not own a pair of glasses .. just my 2 orbs ... the devil would not show me the whole picture .. until I walked myself out of it and into the perfection of me the creator and I would read everything again. So where or where is your goodness .. still in the dark tunnel that is probably an inch away from the light. And yet an inch is but an inch and you can only see present reality .. when you do not know what lies an inch away. Sometimes ironically that inch is a whole life lived in x number of years. So close and yet so far. God is tough love. It taught me the most difficult lesson of my life ... that everything was within me if I chose to free myself of the world and be free to love by simply being the example. My lessons I taught myself to exprience. And as a god on and on I go ... doing what I love best .. experiencing my goodness by always pointing my arrow back at me ... working more as a boomerang .. but when love was the facto factotum (master of everything) .. the results were known aforehand.

It will allow you to remain the devil for your life and will not stretch that outstretched hand which you choose to ignore ... the inch I am talking of.

Our thoughts are vibrations and we exist through them. So what is this death that humans talk of. I could be doing this for eternity ... that is my truth as a god.
I was listening to Simon and Garfunkel yesterday and my bestest song in the whole world BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATERS.
So let me explain this .. our bodies are 96% water and troubles through water can be brought into our reality by using this as a medium of adversity . But I hear the words of the song and I hear the words ... I will lay me down ... like a bridge over troubled waters. And a perfection of love is restored as a promise to the mind. The devil brought all sorts of ideas to me as I would eat and drink ... ideas that carried dirt in them to punish me .. but instead when I knew how to think like a god .. I became stoic and taught myself to deal with rubbish in the only way it deserved ..
it was on its way out even before it could enter my mind. So I put it in another plane of existence than mine and said to myself .. Roda .. I know you do feel sorry for others most of the time you experience yourself ... and I would reply in a bored voice ... yea kind of ... disconnectedly .. and refuse to leave my oyster bed. Pearls of wisdom were found deep by me .. like the mother oyster at the bottom of the ocean ... whose thinking and mine are the same ... I did not need to go anywhere .. to any other mind ... for crap / crap / crap was all I saw. Whereas I chose wisdom to come and rest within me.

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