MY VISION, MY GOAL, MY DESIRE                         sun : The drawn sun on a white background. A vector illustration
(secret of the Law of Attraction)
When you have read my book MasterMind you will begin to have an idea of what the actual LOA is all about and the way you need to tweak your thinking.
I am placing on this blog  my main vision, my goal and my desire and you the buyer of my book will have my blessings as you will be the instrument through which it will all happen for me. You will be part of my manifestation.
My vision, my goal and my desire is that I reach out to millions through my book to achieve their happiness and success and thereby achieve my success too.
The one sure feeling that I can relate to when I finished writing my book MasterMind, was …..humility….humbleness. And I can add quite confidently that I am a very proud person by nature ….confidently proud of my several achievements, my razor sharp mind, my capacity to learn new things very very quickly and get to the heart of a subject in record quick time. I also stake my claim to being a good human being….well…most of the times….I am human too and do have my weak moments.
But writing my book brought out an important facet and helped me hone my character. It allowed me to share knowledge with the whole world ...sounds fanciful... but when I see my stats..... 1 million visitors on one site , some 43 million on another, a billion on another… I cannot believe that it would be possible for me as a simple person to achieve it all and that too single-handedly for the only partner I can attribute all this happening through is none other than God.
You see its like this and this fact I quote from my book though not verbatim...every dream  first begins in the mind of God and God then looks for a human to share his dream with.... so whom should he choose... for he must choose wisely. A person with little belief would not do for they would abandon the dream before it reached its potential. A person with no belief will not even believe that dreams can come true... can God depend on such a person?
But a person like me with full faith and belief is an ideal person for God to choose to fulfil his dream. Such a person will take some setbacks in their stride and persist nevertheless to see the dream to fruition. I was guided every step of the way through opportunities coming my way and being made to understand that this is what you need to do now. And none of it was earth-shatteringly difficult but hard work nevertheless. I must state unequivocably that I was a willing worker too for I love what I do, and its something I’ve always loved doing…..sharing my knowledge ( as it all does happen effortlessly for me...... for my focus when learning anything is absolute and therefore once it is learnt .... it is forever). Knowledge unless it is shared can never hope to reach its full potential.  There’s a popular saying – goodness shared is goodness multiplied. So to get back to my original feeling… humility….to express it better …. it humbled me to know that GOD chose me, an ordinary mortal, as one of his many messengers.... to spread His message into the world. AND WHEN GOD IS WITH YOU NOTHING AND NO ONE CAN BE AGAINST. SO GO READ HIS MESSAGE FOR YOU. WHEN U READ MY MANIFESTATION SONG ....YOU WILL BEGIN TO UNDERSTAND THAT I AM CERTAIN THAT GOD WISHES ME TO HELP MANY MANY PEOPLE THROUGH MY BOOK. AS FOR WHY HE CHOSE ME...THERE IS A SIMPLE ANSWER...I AM ONE VERY DETERMINED LADY..I NEVER GIVE UP...I WILL KEEP ON DOING WHAT IS EXPECTED OF ME LONGER. MOST PEOPLE DO NOT HAVE STAYING POWER, WHEN THEY DO NOT SEE SUCCESS IMMEDIATELY, THEY GIVE UP..... BUT SUCCESS ALWAYS COMES TO THE ONE WHO PERSISTS LONG AFTER OTHERS MAY GIVE UP.
I feel a sense of deep satisfaction, much as a king astride his noble steed (remember the song from Mary Poppins).
We are all afraid of our mortality……what good have we achieved ….have we done all the good we are capable of ….well I made a beginning with my book.I plan to do good with some of the proceeds of my book too.  I have achieved my immortality …I HAVE MANAGED TO LEAVE MY FOOTPRINTS IN THE SANDS OF TIME. BOOKS  NEVER GET OUTDATED.