It is sad when people internationally are so distrustful of each other .. do you know that the past is guilty of that and you are unnecessarily carrying the burdens of stuff taught to you while as a kid you saw and observed your life lived amongst elders.  Now go back into your past and remember the several occasions when you did not see eye to eye with your elders and how you were scolded and punished when you disagreed.  

They were guilty of creating fears within you which you carry around somewhere deep within your mind. Bring them up and scan them .. they will surely cause a hate .. but nevertheless release the feelings .. for bringing things out is like a catharsis. Maybe you have even learnt to put them behind you but it is just a manner of showing up the negative vibrations existing in the world where positive people find it hard to come up trumps for their lives ... and I have seen this from almost all the people I know and meet ... where even the so called good people are riddled with self demeaning thoughts. 

So then why do I call them good people .... and here I will address the bitter truths of our world ... good people are those whom life prevents from getting better just because they will not fight and kill to get what they want. Who suffer silent torments in their minds but do not voice them.  To my mind I would not classify them as good .. for though they do no harm ... they cause harm to others in their immediate environments.  This is a more deadlier form of warfare which does not spill to the surface of our consciousness ... and as long as it is used to suppress your own demons .. all is fine ... but if it is riddled with bad thoughts ... that then cause harm to the self ... then too there are no gains. So how does a good person remain good ... MasterMind will teach you to be good to the self even while being able to cope with others and the larger world around you.  MasterMind will show you a path where when you can gift yourself all the things .. others can't or won't .. you eliminate stress and through that all the illnesses that you may fall prey too otherwise/

At one level I agree that the past has been guilty of misdemenours. However this does not necessarily have to be your experience with me. Please do not cut off your nose to spite your face ... for in the cosmic battle of good over evil ... you might end up becoming the "poor" victim where knowledge of good for your own life will be kept away from you. And the bitterest truth it is spirit .. the souls of the past who control you .. either your own which in its past life did not amount to much that wants to keep the status quo in this life too ... a tough lesson to learn that to solve most problems in life .. you must search within.  Its another ball game altogether that there were so many millions in the past that were totally unsuccessful that their bad vibrations still linger for us to back away from. These too are bad thoughts left in writing .. knowledge .. which is the only way to spread anything ... good when there is goodness in the teaching ... bad when unthinking minds use the pen like a sword .. it is you who will get cut.

It is only when your eyes are opened by someone like me who is doing god's work in this world .. i.e. fighting for good knowledge to be readily available to all people of the world for it is the only beneficial way of life.  Most of the problems that the world is currently suffering is because god's laws for our world have been kept hidden from the world at large .. why .. because then everyone will become rich, healthy and happy. To those who think that they would only like themselves to be rich is by stopping others from being so .. is a poor choice as a mentor of any sort. 

Trust MasterMind ... simply because all knowledge is scattered .. and you will have to have to develop the capacity to study knowledge .. sift the good from the ordinary .. to zero down on what is exactly good for your life .... so just believe what your own mind shares and it will always pick your own good ... so back away from circumstances that may have created such a huge divide in your minds that your own good stays away from you. There are gaps in knowledge and when you do not know how to fill in those empty spaces with truths .... lies tend to surface and when you are unable to see your own good ... i.e. an ability to give or receive love from each other. This song conveys that the same God is found amongst us when we learn to communicate with each other. Break the sound of silence. Let me begin by working through you .. a  hope of seeing the end of such ways that serve no good to anybody. Truths are so powerful .. they push themselves to the cognitive surface of mankind .. for they carry gifts within them ... always the plenty that is seen when people hold hands and form a circle to keep all the good within the circle. Now you see where the gaps have gone .. into history.

Loving God is loving life .. not sacrificing it ... for it is God who lives in us and causing any harm to it through illnesses ... suffering ... cutting it short  (what God came down as Jesus to show us .. what suffering does to him ... Jesus lived only 33 years ... who killed him ... people hungry for power .. people who thought he was different from them ...  is that fair .. do you want history to keep repeating itself or are you ready to learn lessons .. for the sad truth is that no one is spared the results of their actions ... they must pay a price that may be totally different from the crime ... do you understand the message that God is sharing here. Be happy .. live well .. love well .. there is so much for all .. if you follow the way. His way.  Life above everything ... for it is the true gift of God .. in nothing there is nothing. My one true gift to you .. a blessed long life free of wrongs.

Angels were all around my home supporting me with their sounds ... until I began to write these lines .. a little editing of one of my favourite songs growing up .. by my favourite singers ... Simon and Garfunckel        sun : Weather icon clipart sun illustration Illustration
Say hello to bright light .. 
Me .. I am your old friend ..
I've come to share with you once again,
Cause a vision softly creeping
Brought its seeds while I was working.
Saw the state of the world .. help was needed ..
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Grew  .. to kill the sounds of silence.

And in that bright light I do show
To millions .. millions .. maybe more
All my followers across the world
A message profound of love for all
Through these words ... that I am writing 
As to my Mind  it was shared .. 
Its the words of the prophets that are always written
 .... in books of old

When in restless dreams ...  you walk alone ....
Down narrow streets ... of cobblestones
Beneath the halos of street lamps
You've turned your back .. to the cold and damp
Your eyes will find the flash of neon lights
Of those who work for you ...  in the night  ..
Unafraid of the sounds of  silence.

But fools are they   .. who  must be told
In the day .... silence like a cancer grows
Hear my words that I might teach you ....
BUY MasterMind  ... it has reached you
And my words will like misty raindrops fall
To quench your  thirst  ...
For I must live on .. in the mind of  you.

Armageddon is impossible without bad spirit ...
Rewrite history .. close the gaps of nothingness ..

signed .................................. RODA..... WITH LOVE.

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