sun : The drawn sun on a white background. A vector illustration
The Law of Opposites works like every other Law, i.e. it is precise, concise and works on the same principles every single time. This Law works on the premise of pairs. You cannot have the one without the other or more precisely  the absence of the other. When one is present it is because of the absence of the other. Remember yin/yang, strong/weak, positive/negative. Now why am I talking about this here. I wish to explain the concept of positivity/negativity.
In order to reach positivity you have to realise that you may be negative sometimes. But when you understand the two you will be able to zero in and realise just where you are – i.e. in a negative state. You then must change your thought patterns to eliminate the same (which is basically…a bad thought).
Eliminating it creates a vacuum. Man being a thinking being that vacuum will immediately be filled up with another thought. It does not follow that that vacuum will be filled up by a positive thought. It may well be another negative thought which means that we are still in that negative state which we must train our minds to recognise, so that we can eliminate it. I say this because it is we who make the choices vis-a-vis our thoughts. Absence of negativity (which means that it exists but is not visible presently) allows positivity to enter.
Remember one very important fact – the thoughts you think constantly are governed by your conscious mind but their interpretations are governed by our sub-conscious. So you must realise that it is years of programming (refers to situations you are exposed to while growing up which decide how you may view things) some of it very faulty which governs our reactions . You need to stop, think, and recognise where you are going wrong and make the necessary changes with your thinking. It will help you to perceive the situation from a fresh perspective. When you achieve this – you have become successful at the game of life !
Now I come to the interesting part of what I started out to explain but which I  have not touched on till now. Some of the popular sayings which we have grown up listening contain seeds of negativity in them. But they have their opposites and when you hear one without the other you are left in a quandary.
Take the phrase ‘WANTS CREATE DISSATISFACTION’. By itself the phrase is fraught with negativity. It makes you wonder – is it bad to want more ?  am I too greedy for my own good ?
I wish to reassure you instantly. No. No. and a vehement No. Every negative thought carries within it the seeds of a positive one. Allow me to explain – it is only when you are dissatisfied with your present lot in life, that you will desire and seek a change or an improvement. And for heaven’s sake…what’s wrong with that I ask you ? It can never be wrong, in fact it is positively good to desire to change things for the better. Remember change is a forward motion so go ahead and actively seek to change all that you wish. It may only be your thinking patterns.