Your mind is a part of the conscious mind ... i.e. thoughts held in the minds of all living at present and those that have lived in the past and that is generally referred to as the collective consciousness ... for the Mind is but one ... you may refer to it as the word of God ( it simply  covers both genders of God the creator ( Adam and Eve ) by several names ... God ... Mind ... Truth ...Spirit ..... Forgiveness .. Benevolence ... notice the heirarchy of the words used here ... at the top is the word God ... for God is experienced through his words. 

Words are born from the Mind ... again God ... for God is Mind ... 

He is Truth ... unquestionable always ... otherwise there is a dilution ... add water to milk ... it still remains white ...though the white gets a little murky .... as its power is diluted. Absorb this as a lesson for your life. 

So understand Truth ...  its dilution may be accompanied as a benevolence to a struggling  life ... for life is the most important of all. It is God. It speaks to you through itself ... I am the Truth ... come as close to me as you may without hurting yourself .... for Life is more important than truth .. for truth is but a parameter for your life .. my guidance for your life .. through which you may prosper.  It is the power of your thinking ... for when you tell yourself that truth is important to you ... and you wish to incorporate it into your daily life without any friction to either yourself or truth ... thus it will come to pass. It is very very easy to live a life in truth .... for it is a methodology of understanding God ... not as in any religion that may teach you that you are different from each other ... but the knowledge that is so basic in its simplicity ... that has very few rules for your life ... that which allows you to learn from your own experiences of who you are .. what are good choices by trial and error ... but with the mind openly receptive to judging itself and forging its own path to reaching its own goal of being on its journey to Spirit. For that is life .. a journey to experience all that is beautiful in this life and experience it for yourself through yourself. Not to read about it as somebody else's life ... but creating one for yourself.

I learnt this through my own experiments with my Mind. I always tell Spirit ... I know I come from your Truth ... but if it interferes with my earthly life .... I will simply walk away from you. This was me wrongly imagining that truth is restricitive and it is when you don't know how to grapple with it ... for truth as with everything about God exists in layers .. and another layer only opens when you have successfully understood the first. Its the crossing over from one layer to another that may cause a momentary confusion .. which soon clears itself up. 

For this earthly life is for my joy ... the joy of learning to live with truth ... so I allow myself to accept this in my Mind. When I spell out what is important for my life ... Spirit gives me experiences corresponding to my requests and brings me everything I ask of it. Why ... is the question you must ask yourself again and again ... and then again and again ... why is Spirit 100% aligned to me .. man or woman. When you ask this question again and again .. Spirit observes that you truly wish to understand your own life and the role Spirit plays in it. Spirit sends you his word ... first through the written word .. through which you learn to understand the power of your own mind. 

You see if I did not wish for my success through the knowledge of Spirit .. where would you be .. still struggling ... but Mind cannot do that .. for you are one avatar of it too .. it must perforce keep sending you messages ... by sharing it with one individual of its choosing ... somebody it knows is aligned to its truth ... somebody who was possibly sent down to this earth for this very purpose !!! From childhood I was in search of the truth of my life .. that it would be such a powerful one .. I did not have the faintest idea ... but I have this innate capacity to never think small .. I have always believed the world to be my oyster .. if you go back in time to when I first began this journey .. you will find this feeling expressed.

 I have often expressed grandiose ideas much before I even knew how to achieve them ... for example .. I would market the World Book an encyclopedic set of books .. about 15 years ago.It was for the pure love of being able to gift my son a set ... as he is very fond of books and knowledge too.  I have always been lucky to have lived in big homes and after marriage ...momentarily I was living in a tiny apartment. One day I had invited my wb friends over for a farewell lunch as we were contemplating moving to Bangalore. All of a sudden I found myself telling them that I planned to live in a huge house .. big was not good enough as the word that came to my mind then. And as I uttered the words ... along with them came the thoughts .. Roda you are boasting .. for that is what we are told by people around us .. and that is the jealousy of people less competent than you who will try to pull you down .. for how dare you be more capable than them. 

But I caught hold of the idea by the jugular and said to myself .. I don't understand what makes me speak thus .. but it can only be an idea trying to express itself out of nowhere ... trying to enter my mind as an absolute possibility and I slowly let myself believe in it. I was planning to shift residence and looking to move to Bangalore ..... and as I discovered .. Bangalore is a city of opportunities for there were only houses here ... practically no apartments when I shifted. It took me a whole year of living is a huge apartment in Bangalore to finally find the house I wanted to live in. Imagine .. I had actually passed the house I lived in on one of my house hunting trips and I will leave you with one of my most profound experiences with spirit. On one house hunting trip we drove past my current house  and as I passed it .. I told my hubby that I would love such a  boundary wall for my home. Imagine that ... my true appreciation of something I admired profoundly enough to claim it for myself ... brought me my house for within a few months that very  house became mine. It never came on the market ... we were the only ones who were shown it ... making me feel as if it was always meant for only me. 
 I am a Tupperware lady too and I have not let the ego of money come in the way of me doing it still ... for through it I meet many many ladies .. of different social strata ... some very poor ladies who may come to my house to simply buy a small container being treated with the same respect as someone who may come in a mercedes. I am always excited to meet someone new for I tell myself that I always expect that God has come visiting ... I deem that an honour .. for God only visits where he is welcome ... a sharing that cuts across all differences to be able to see the core of each other. I am blessed for I have worked on my mind to truly bless myself with the power of spirit ... a gift of my mind ... one reason for the fame and glory that is the birthright of such thinking ... an alignment that transcends all barriers of limitation .. I owe no explanations to another with a limiting mindset .. instead I show the way by my actions. I practice what I preach.

I go back in time again. While at the residence of a tupperware friend .. we got discussing my desire to shift cities. This is when I heard God talk to me one on one and I instantly recognized it as such ... that is I was made aware that it was a defining moment in my life ... a message was being shared with me. This lady spoke in a casual manner telling me that if I was moving to Bangalore I should consider this particular part of the city ... Koramangala. As she spoke there was a tremendous vibration in my body and my hair literally stood on end ... I had this gut feeling that I should listen to it. Now at that time I had not even heard of the law of attraction .. the law as we call it came into my life a good 10 years later ... and yet a message was shared with me ... to understand even when I did not understand back then what I understand in my now  .... that we are god and god is us .. 10 years down the line .. its message alive and well in my mind as a truth of my life. 

Now that I have used the tool ... the Law of Attraction .. my MasterMind ...  to be able to analyze the why and hows of our life ... I can scale it without unnecessary limits ... for I always dip into my mind to find the many gifts given to me over time and understand the how and why of every experience .. for that alone is the truth of a continuous receiving ... capable of giving again and again of itself.  Its why I always say ... buy MasterMind ... for MasterMind came into my life just a few years ago ... but my whole life took on a different meaning .. an understanding of my past .. to be able to create a better future ... not a stumbling into anything .. but a deliberate creation ... the power of MasterMind and MasterMind alone. It alone was enough for my life.

After I received the word of God and wrote it into a book .. I do not need another book to guide me .. God speaks to me directly through my angels .. and life becomes effortless. This is the blessing he asked me to share with you. I have used my own voice in a small message that I have recorded to give you its gist. Always expect God's message to be simple ... it is meant for all .. for it does not leave out anybody .. and everybody is God and should give utmost importance to it. You may have a busy life ... my message is in a small book of 124 pages ... expressed through love in prose.

Having stored the message of MasterMind in my very bones ... I have now begun rewriting MasterMind is verse ... the language of gods ... a scaling of expression as it were ... shared with me through my angels .. who wake me up at the  crack of dawn at 5.30 / 6 in the morning and start feeding my mind with unusually beautiful poems on themselves ... and there I am not wanting to wake up but unable to resist their charm in sharing beautiful thoughts of the self ..... love teaching itself to love itself first ... a beautiful sharing of ideas as its continued gift for its all. I have written so many odes as it were ... they are over at where I am storing them till I publish them in a book for there are yet many more to write.

It was to my credit that I paid attention to that message and worked to allow it to manifest itself in my life ... for it turned itself into my destiny ... my ability to teach through my own examples. These were random incidents for Spirit is working through us constantly ... but for you to understand and appreciate that the messages for your life truly comes from spirit guiding you 24/7 ... that you must teach yourself to listen to it ... for if  you don't  ... many such messages for your life will simply walk right by .. a sad truth of our lives.                                                            

Why would an intelligent person like me .. choose this path instead of the many streams of income available in this world. I am able to walk in truth for I hold no resistance to it ... even when God put in tiny tiny spokes to misguide me ... I may have veered but I returned to it ... till I reached the stage where even if I was woken up in the middle of the night by a wrong thought .. my sub-conscious reacted correctly showing me that I had learned to master and overcome that which was wrong for my life.  And you may want to know the one question that God put forth to me in so many different ways. I have often been angry for his testing me .. I would say .. if you test me then you don't love me ... prove to me how much you love me ? I will never try to prove my love to you ... for love never questions itself ... it just gives. 

Do you see the protagonist and the antagonist forever trying to win against each other in us. Its a verbal duel that when you reach a certain comfort level with your mind .. its how the mind keeps itself sharp .. for the mind is easily bored ... being capable of so much and being forced to limit itself as the body holding it refuses to exert itself through its mind ... so what do we have then ... a bunch of silly kids working themselves to the bone ... working hard ... but a slow progress. Not the speed of the mind ... ever heard of the Matrix. The mind can go where your body cannot ... we live in the 3rd dimension but there are already more advanced dimensions existing .... which the mind has the capacity to delve into. 

Only the one question is .... all its possible permutations and combinations ..... who am I and who is God. Life is understanding who we are.

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