Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus .. MY GUIDANCE TO SUPPORTING LIFE ON MARS.

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus
Is it just the way it is ... aaah but don't you believe 
everything you are told !!

How many understand the role of the Creator. If the Creator is your mind then you are a creator too. That's just the way it is ...
aaah but you believe everything you are told !!!!!!!!!! So then
that makes you a duplicator. Copy and paste without a single original thought.

The first Creator did create ... a world of perfection .. our earth. Why is it in perfection ... it has supported life for millions of years ... a theory built to last when other minds that followed were left out of it to do it harm.
Original thought has soon lost its charm ... laziness and slothfulness is but a dull mind. You can quantify them as lazy
rats who do no analysing of their own but justify. Correct me if I am wrong ... but you do believe in the theory of evolution that places you squarely as a descendant of an animal ... the monkey that then forever rules your life ... perhaps ?? 
Whereas if a mind created the world then it created the monkey. We are also told we are children of god ... so what made you choose the monkey as your god ??? The first is how heavens are created and the second is how hells are created. Let me expand ... the animal mind was created to be serservient to man and man is the servient. Go look up these words to understand their truths. Words are either wisdom or not ... the positives .. the ones that serve man create a god from out of your mind. You don't even have to do much else ... those words bring their worlds with them ... such is the power of a god juxtaposed to its world. And all these worlds exist ... just not in synchronocity with god's. Just being a child of god did not let you inherit this world as a god .. for you are forever in elimination mode ... in and out / in and out as inconsequential creatures not worthy of the mind that created you. There is a line in a hindi song ... chal ja bethe church ke peeche.

I began in myself as a tough love but learnt to temper myself in layers when the time for giving was done and the time for receiving had come and gone in my zest to keep on giving.
It kept giving more wisdom to me and much as I love doing what I do .. it was time to crack the whip and force energy to do its share of the work too. I hardly write for free nowadays for ideas flow to me .. truths of our world keep coming to me minute by minute and it is not possible for me to write them all down. But god did prove its allegiance to its future existence in this world by manifesting through me all that it wanted to share. Same can be the truth for anybody working with MasterMind ... it is a re-learning process. Wonder why we send children to school and leave out their best learning tools from out of their lives ???? IMAGINATION AND A DESIRE TO CREATE EXISTS IN ALL CHILDREN WHEN THEY ARE YOUNG ... FOR THEY ARE STILL CLOSE IN MIND TO THE WOMB OF NURTURE. AS THEY AGE THEY GROW FURTHER AND FURTHER APART FROM THEIR DEFINING THOUGHTS AS MORE AND MORE RATS ARE PLACED BEFORE THEM TO DISSUADE THEM AND ANOTHER GENERATION BITES THE DUST.
Take the title above statement ... man and woman were created equal ... that is our truth. Down the lanes of history we have proof of successes from both genders ... both mental and physical too and yet in our present the devil rat (THOUGHT) tries to cause a divide between the genders. Try and remember what happens to those that try to divide and rule. They go under first. Now let me explain what happens to men when they are sent to Mars. Firstly its topography does not support life. It is hostile and barren as at present. aN EXAMPLE OF A TOUGH LIFE FOR MEN ?? Why because the minds of those are barren of all creative thought. Life requires support systems to be in existence before it can thrive.

I remember what I told the head of ISRO at a talk I happened to be at. And my answer was the simplest ever. And funnily all the men in that group did not even listen to me ... for after all they were the heads (science is no cosmic truth in totality).
People are easily impressed by degrees and who was I .... just a mother who however understood the role of nurture ( of Mars ) could only come from nature. Water is said to be existing there ... so simply throwing seeds of plant life on to the surface of Mars would make it habitable in the long run. TREES ARE OUR LUNGS .. GO LOOK AT A DIAGRAM OF LUNGS AND SEE THE TRUTH FOR YOURSELF.
But get this ... it is a hostile world for man ... for he did not own this answer. I .. a woman have come up with it. And to me it does not matter if I get the credit for it or someone swipes the truth from me. I know that I came up with it when I gave it some thought. Nature is nurture ... the effort taken to grow things .. I have written a whole poem on it somewhere on my website. And this truth lies here for posterity when it wakes up to its reality and accepts that it must change for good to ever express itself through it..
I clung to original thought as the only sound way to keep within the systems that have proved themselves through their truths.

You MUST get the picture through my illustration of the mars factor. Stop hurting your own life. Similarly is the story of venus ... though euphimistically called the planet of love .... not all women are that. Most of the time they are called bitches .. the female rat perhaps .. originating from out of the animal mind. If people's thoughts have been referred to as being the creative force for a mind ... just what do you think is the expected result. And why is that so ... man has been dividing since time immemorial and though all may not follow this principally I have heard many many crack jokes that place them squarely as the jokers of life. It is to boost a sagging morale in themselves. Just feel so very sorry to see the world the state it is in.

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