The biscuits in the Army
They say are mighty fine 
One rolled off the table
And killed a pal of mine

They say that in the Army
The coffee's mighty fine
It looks like muddy water
And tastes like turpentine

The say that in the Army
The pay is mighty fine
They give you fifty dollars
And take back forty-nine

A chaplain in the Army
Has a collar on his neck
If you don't listen to him
You'll all wind up in hell

Oh the surgeons in the Army
They say we're mighty bright
We work on soldiers through the day
And nurses through the night

The corporals in the Army 
You say we're really green
But if it weren't for us guys 
You'd be in the latrine

Oh some guys like the Army
I think that it's a mess
If it's so damn terrific
How come I wear a dress

Friendships in the Army
They say are mighty rare
So I spend all my free time
Carousing with my mare

The girls at the service club 
They say are mighty fine
Most are over eighty 
And the rest are under nine.

{Refrain, repeat between each verse}
Oh, I don't want no more of Army life
Gee mom, I wanna go home
{Final refrain} ...Gee, mom, I wanna go But they won't let me go [back to Ontario] Gee, mom, I wanna go home




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Big Changes are coming, and in fact they are ALREADY HERE! Learning to bring balance to the world means fin...

Roda Langrana The truth is more stranger than you think ... there are no big changes coming as you put it. It is a return to the way you were created ... but you had lost the way and are now lucky to rediscover it. Pardon that I express truth just the way it really is.

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Dxxxxxxx 'I am creating a new heaven and a new earth' something that we have never seen before. So it is a big change coming....Roda Lagranga!
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Roda Langrana
Roda Langrana Sweetie the new heaven you speak of .. is yours alone. You then see the world through different lens and so it appears different. You have simply learnt to bend reality to you .. something you were doing sub-consciously in any case so were not aware of it. Now you understand a bit of the spirit world .. but the Holy Spirit is something else altogether. come back to me when you reach that august body ... been there done that. Ask me any question and I will give you its truest answer. I really do not care or get affected by any other person's opinion any more for when I did it made me cry and I will be damned if I will do that ever again. I stand ramrod straight even in churches for if you bend there is someone else's energy in control of yours .. like Jesus if you are a believer of him .. then suffering is your lot in life ... illnesses etc. But that is not what he came to teach to the world ... that lesson the world never did understand. I have heard only the words of Jesus in the lost gospel of Thomas. It is not told through parables which is how the bible is written. if you do not understand that a story having a negative ending must always be treated as a warning of what never to do .. then only will the bible spill its secrets to you.