My manifestation song for MasterMind                                                      sun : The drawn sun on a white background. A vector illustration
(MasterMind shares the secret of the Law of Attraction)            

Autumn leaves …drift by my window
Autumn leaves .. start to fall
Now my book .. MasterMind
Has sold in the millions … 
Now .. autumn leaves ..continue to fall.

I believe I can ..create with thought
that’s the message .. in my book.
When you have ..a powerful desire
Don’t let anything ..  stand in your way.

Be good to yourself…believe you can
99  bucks.. and you're  on your way
And then its all   … all about you
You and you..and only you.

My book is yours .. t’was written for you
I did God‘s bidding  ....  and  wrote it for you
Cause you and me  .. are spirits too
and need  guidance what we do.

You'll buy my book  ..  its your destiny
From this seed  .. you'll flower and grow.
Its how God works .. he chooses you
I’ve played my part .. now go play yours.

I wrote the above manifestation song as soon as I finished writing my book. It was a magical time where everything seemed to just come together.