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About the author:
MasterMind is the secret to the Law of Attraction. I have this burning desire to do something more with my life like travel the world in style, help with the education of the girl child, etc...and so I prayed to God to show me how. Immediately a number of books entered my life.... and I am grateful for the knowledge that was shared with me. I learnt that there is a right way to earning money...i.e.by using creativity as your tool and should be for the benefit of all mankind for man is after all God's dearest creation. To me this was the best answer that I could receive. I love guiding/helping people and I have always been a dreamer of large dreams. I thought this knowledge was simply beautiful and I decided to share it with everybody through MasterMind. I loved being able to leave my footprint in the sands of time through my writing as I love books ferociously. I now understand that I was destined to do so. MasterMind has been written specifically to help and heal the people of our world. I am a happy person by nature so it is a forgone conclusion that my book reflects my attitude. To be successful at the game of life should be everyone's goal and as it is such an easy concept to master I am now giving everyone the option of becoming successful. I dedicate MasterMind to everyone in this world who is in need of a little confidence,need help to banish their unnecessary fears of illnesses, etc and willing to accept that a little tweaking of their thinking patterns will unlock their SUCCESS. You will notice that I mention what may appear as unconnected subjects but they all have an influence and a bearing on the person you are... and wish to become. Its become my guiding force and my book is a culmination of that desire.The need of the hour in our hectic lives is to make sure important knowledge is abridged into a small and compact book to eliminate time constraints. With MasterMind at 124 pages you will find it an entirely doable action. A book is an indelible part of its creator giving me an opportunity to influence positively the lives of all my readers. I feel truly humbled and blessed. The time is now ripe for your success...come seek it .. make it yours !


I did God's bidding by writing this book... but it was my hand that laboured on.

Authored by Roda LangranaWouldn't it make you happy to know that God tries to live and do and enjoy things through mankind. God says - I want feet to run my errands, tongues to speak and sing my mighty truths, eyes to see all beauty and hands to build my dreams, to play my divine harmonies, to paint my beautiful pictures. All that God is capable of seeks an expression through mankind. God wants those who appreciate beauty to be able to surround themselves in beauty. God wants that you discern his truths and have every opportunity to travel and talk about them. God wants those who love beautiful clothes to be beautifully clothed. God wants those of us who appreciate good food to be luxuriously fed.. God wants all these things for mankind because he himself enjoys and appreciates them. God wants to be able to express that it is he who wants to play, laugh, sing, enjoy beauty, proclaim truths, wear good clothes and eat good food.

The desire you feel for riches is God seeking to express himself in you. So ask for whatever your heart may desire.

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Jun 04 2010
1452856125 / 9781452856124
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US Trade Paper
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5.5" x 8.5"
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