Growing up in Calcutta and being an active Girl Guide we had from time to time come in contact with Mother Teresa . However there was one occasion where the Calcutta Parsee community had felicitated her for her work and I think it was either in the late 70s or possibly early eighties. I do remember the occasion partially or at least my personal interaction with her. I had come early for the programme and I was in my guiding uniform and even Mother had come early and I was asked to stay with her along with the other guides. I remember asking her for her autograph and she looked at me and shook her head and then she gave me a medal. She always carried medals and sometimes gave them out. I again asked her for her autograph and I took this little piece of paper from somebody and held it out to her. She gave me another medal but when she saw that I was a wee bit disappointed she relented and wrote on it.

I had the opportunity to observe her for some length of time and I remember that the feeling I came away with (even though I was young then) was the immense sadness I could see in her eyes and her weather-beaten face and that there was an immense stillness about her.

I have read her biographer mention at the time of her passing away in newspaper articles how Mother seldom put pen to paper and therefore mine may be some of the few in circulation.

I am grateful that she honoured me by doing so. I still have the two medals she gave me also. It is a memorabilia with historic connotations for she is destined to become a saint. 

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