Everytime I revert within myself .. I find the joy of giving. Wisdom is the one true aspect of our life and it is oh so simple .. not at all complicated . 

When I followed wisdom that other masters had uttered as their own deductions .... it is what their own Mind had expanded in time. 

For example here is one that is oft repeated .... a repition that says in a command ... listen .. here is something important for your life .... it is a truth ... ignore it as your foolishness. 

The great Buddha is known to have said .. if someone comes and shouts at you or calls you a name ... would you accept it. To have a conversation with it even to deny it for my life took me some time to master. 

I now brush off this knowledge by asking myself this question .... whose line is it anyways ... some nincompoop ... ha ha. It has now lost its power to sting. But understand this ... I only received its gift when I acted in the truest way to truth ... I wrote it down as a lesson for free.

This part of me free from the mundane part of me .... its like steering a huge ship and I have always tooted a hello to all that passed me by. That is why those that succeed in conquering the Mind are called Masters.  You have by then learnt to conquer the winds and storms that often hit our souls. To call it a game is but a cruel joke played on helpless man.  Calling us bit actors is another biggie ... the real truth hidden out of sight by jealousies and small-mindedness of the spirit that carries knowledge to all of us .... make it pay you big time ... as I did ... by uncovering its lies. It must forever hang its head in shame ... for a careless whisper to you .... a helpless and trusting soul.  When I discovered this as many have in the past too ... the story of cat and mouse / 3 blind mice begin to make  horrific reading.  See some cartoons and know that sometimes the fall of mankind ... begins right at birth.  A sad song indeed ... for whom do these bells toll ????

I am content to call myself a MasterMind. Funny that I chose this title by playing around with words for the title of my book when I was but writing it ... little understanding then its power as the might of the whole world. But life is a giver of all that you ask and unerringly I hit the nail on the head ( not the tail ... for that is the doggie's role ... forever catching a tail to follow ).

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