The 2 faces of the Mind of God.

The 2 faces of the Mind of God.
Philosophy ... man is in a constant flux to try to understand the Self .. for that is clearly its own property ... and no one else may lay claim to it. So what is the Self .. your Mind of course for you guide your life through your own thinking. So how does one go about learning through the Self .. by questioning ... not for the reason to finding a fault. And yes for the reason of finding a fault so that it may be set right. The both are not the same as you have by now understood ... a fine line separates the two. Would you appreciate it if someone constantly finds a fault in you. No .. our ego is hurt. Ego is our innermost core which connects us to God ... it is what protects us from other energy that may wish to attack your way of thinking ? It was my protection that bypasses negativity ... this is what my Mind showed me when I sought the perfection of the creator within .. me being the captain of my soul and the Master of my Destiny. My power lay in being in super control of myself ... constantly walking myself out of problems that came to me too .. but I learnt to master through my own Mind. They soon petered out in totality and I felt so uber cool in myself. See I am not a person seeking greatness for the self .. but why not I thought to myself ... I have this life in this moment to get it all right ... so I might as well hop on for the ride. I feel alive when I am writing and showing off my intelligence. You own the right to do so too for social media has made it easy for all to express themselves. Thought wisdom just kept calling me to it through my ego ... everytime I stopped writing ... my Mind would tell me ... get on with it Roda. But I had learnt to lock myself up and be inaccessible ... and I would swear to beat it ... this is how God then showed me ... you are the big bang theory of creation ... get MasterMind to be that !!! Imagine that ... sounds pompous ... but then I am a terribly proud person who knows that I am a cut above the rest. Guess if I were to ask others ... many may be able to relate to that feeling ... it is the call of the Master .... the soul that wants to renew itself through you. Soul is pure light and not everyone understands this that there is a time to give for such activities. This is a way open to all ... do take the trouble to understand this aspect of your life. For what is the use of a fault .. if you do not own the tool to setting it right ? Point to ponder on.
Imagination and Simulation
Imagination is a creation from out of Mind. A single Mind remains true to the Master within and follows a solitary path. I think therefore I am. Such Minds take things out of the past ... keep that wisdom which is pure and has stood the test of time as working in the present. The rest must then be read as stories ...
Simulation is what is computer generated ... copy/paste .. the same stuff for all Minds. Following this way requires you to do no thinking ..... But then there are no true joys for the self. Take the example of music .... Some music is digitally created ... Do you enjoy it as much as when a human lends his touch to the music through playing it. Add a beautiful voice and it stirs our souls.
To be fair there is often a coming together even when the same is not understood as part of reality. That is its only distinction.

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