Freedom of the mind to think independently was brought home to me in so many different ways through many ways of expressing the one idea of Consciousness ..... Zarathushtra said ... Now that you know Zarathushtra ... beware of me.

Which is very much the same thing expressed above. Jesus too said the same thing ... just expressed it in different words.

So what is meant by the above ... its only when you have understood it will you too be able to follow that path. Results that became mine .. came from wisdom of God I shared in MasterMind. Zarathushtra and Lao Tzu are both saying the same thing ... we are mortal men seeking wisdom and when we find it we raise our individual conscousness to a higher plane of existence from where all things are possible to make life in the mundane world less stressful ... for when you do not know how to be up on daily problems of life life is not what we want out of life. It is the story of how as spirits we enter this plane of existence to test our abilities of the Mind ... by working backwards with wisdom ... as spirits we know everything ... but we hide it from outselves when we become mortal .. so as to discover it all over again. Its a game that Mind plays with itself and if you are unaware of your Mind as your all ... the body will take the fall or the beating .. for it is temporary ... the Mind protects itself at all costs. I just explained the story of Einstein's particle theory and what is the real quantum physics of the world. Energy (attention) drives all matter. Matter by itself is inert.  I saw it through the way my energy connected to other energies of the world and when I learnt to control my energy ... in other words control other less superior energy .. I saw my power growing and me becoming free of any bad results in my life ... even when it should have been to the contrary if I believed all that is taught through religion .. et all. Did I grow a thicker skin ... yes a don't care attitude did play a small part ... but I learnt to limit it to myself. No offence to you .. just don't waste your time. Just learn to be happy.

Energy is the light or wisdom of the particle that drives matter as per its own desire. Choose a suffering of the body if you must ... it is your choice after all if you waste time in not understanding your own Mind. It is often said ... a fool and his money are soon parted ... so go spend it on whatever takes your fancy.

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