The story of the hologram

Earlier in the day I was writing somewhere and I used the hologram to explain a point. Let me speak the truth upto that point .. it was merely a word I had heard and used but did not understand it fully. And while using it I thought to myself ... Roda you haven't understood it too well. And I put it at the back of my thoughts and just a few minutes ago I took the time to explain to another my take on metabolism .. when suddenly the answer to the word hologram began to push its way into my consciousness through another way that I had understood it but had not linked the two as being the same. Its answer amazed me in its simplicity ... it was our aura and it is the protective electro-magnetic layer around our bodies.  It reflects from moment to moment our thoughts and moods through colours. So it somewhat looks like a hologram bright and shiny. It reflects the light within us.   Its around us so I always refer to it as my coat of many colours.  Lovely isn't it.                         

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