The egg is considered a whole life in a shell. Picture yourself inside your aura and you are complete too. So all that you need is within your aura. The ability to be an alchemist is within me too.  Through my mind God showed me how it works. Everything was put in place .. I watched the gear wheels bring everything into place in the world for me to begin my work. It was that explicitly explained to me. It was now upto me to cash in as much as I could. There was no reason for any word other than the relevant ones needed to be uttered for this work was sacrosant .. for the highest good of the world. Could you wrap your mind around that ... its the world I spoke of ... I did all the work by myself. I spent hardly any money but I gave it all my time. Every waking minute of my day. Isn't that commitment enough ! Did anybody ask me .. NO .. of course not. I just felt the world needed me .. I wanted to bless in the highest way possible ... why .. because I enjoy giving my best to any work I have ever undertaken in life.  Everything big inspires me .. I like living life the way my mind loves for me to BE. I have never felt the need to hold onto secrets and shared them as I discovered them.  The only payment I wanted for that was through the sales of my book MasterMind. This I knew is the only method to access the mind of the creator. Everything flows after that.

Would you be impressed by ordinariness. No .. the way to rediscover the self is to seek the extraordinary .. worked with that till I located it and worked with it. It will give you its bestest .. if you persist long enough. Which is what I did (the truth and nothing but the truth) F O R C E D to do .. because giving up can never be an option for my life .. it will suck your soul right out of you if ever you knuckle to that energy. It sucks on your spirit of right and wrong and finally you see yourself for just who you are .. a fine being. Do I want more .. NO .. this will suffice. 

I have led a simple but hard life, have had to exchange hard work for all my achievements but when I began with MasterMind .. it was my mind I was working with and that was not hard in the least ... it was simply and magically beautiful. 

I preferred to learn everything through my own mind and that forced me to see that any interference by spirit in my work was not tolerated by me in the least. I will be honest .. at first I tried to be appreciative ... but it was such a massive coverup that I forgot to be nice after that.

The fundamentals of the egg
Is that its a complete whole
What is -
Spirit/god/human/energy/creature/creation ?
Is just a complete whole.

Picture the egg
Life exists within the shell
Male or female
No one knows .. what's within
Till its without (its shell?)

See the greatness of the creator
A mind sublime
Free of eternal strife
That shaped all life
Through the fundamentals of an egg.

When similarities we see
In life ..
The work of God is visible too
Our aura is our coat of many colours
Understand that .. if you will.

It is protective of the life within
The spiritual mind of God
Don't hurt it ..
The body sublime ..
Its perfection is incomparable.

The funda (mentals) of the egg
is explained in just this one sentence
The word is mental
Its the wisdom
Impregnated in everything.

So now you know
God is everything
The wisdom to know
What's within .. you
Seek and you will find ..
That's just your truth.

What are you ..
God or a nincompoop.
The both in one .. are incompatible.
God waters the earth now .. as I write this
Its february .. not the season for rain
And yet our energies mesh
I water minds to do his work
God watered my mind.

To show me how things flower.
The world within
Soon is seen in the world without
One world is seen in God
The other is seen through 
Through its resultant creation.

The formula is the same
To be fair to all ..
No one has an edge 
Me or you .. no one cares
But you ... you had better care
For when you learn not
You'll have to relearn it again.

I know we too are
Enconced within our aura
It is like our egg shell
For truly the aura is shaped
Like an egg.

I began my work
In this miracle of thought
God would find me
But I found God
As me the miracle of life
I am .. that is ...
I am connected to thought.

Instead I found me
A conundrum so fair
It lacks all judgement
It couldn't care less
I didn't care less.

When did you wonder
What did come first ?
The chicken or the egg
What did come first ?
God or the universe !

Take me without question
I am .. that .. I am
If there is no mystery to God
You'd have long gone bored
The reason God exists
Is .. you know its intelligence .. not.

Knowledge brought in its wake
A wisdom I had not known
Back then .. as a part of me
I first saw myself in my egg
And wisdom lying all around me
In the universe.

My mind then did show me
The universe .. was within me
I created from within me
And through me 
All that I am.

It just seemed so familiar
It just was so cozy
I created from within
I did not step out of my mind.

All that I am
Truly I understand myself
Appreciate myself !!

For all my potentials 
Are always with me
No labels fit me
At any given moment in time
I create with thought
When wisdom I own
Then I have it all.

Nothing I needed 
Just thoughts and words
I created new worlds
And gave them all away to you
For they are truly all my own
They were all 
I really owned.

I came with nothing
With nothing I shall go
My real treasures .. my wisdom
My thoughts I leave behind me..
Locked up in words
They are now for you
Till kingdom come.

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