Higher intelligence gone awry


All that I write here are my direct experiences through the change I saw in me after working with the knowledge in MasterMind.  Before the influence of MasterMind I too lived my life as a clone of the knowledge in the world for I too did not own the power to analyse knowledge then and distill out its wisdom.  All my writing is always my before and after story.

Religion is as we see .. a lot on the decline .. but religion was and will never be wrong per se. It was but the writing of intelligent men and women who saw the world of good and bad through their own eyes and wrote about it. They wrote them as stories of what was good and what was bad and both were shared .. one as what to do and the other as what not to do.  That the people who followed were lazy and did not try to analyse religion and link to highest truths brought about its downfall. They learnt the words up by heart and the rest is history. This attitude showed a scant respect for God who retreated from the world at large taking wisdom and keeping it for the self ... the one willing to spend some amount of time in using the mind ... God's most precious gift of possibilities.

As a mind we hold the capacity to be our own highest intelligence.  That this is not visible in the world at present can be seen through our results.  The world is full of sick people ...there are murders of the most heinous type / wars over bits of ownership taking place so what does that prove. Its the stories of the past carrying on repeating themselves for man has not moved itself out of the animal tendency to kill for food. Do you see the irony in this one sentence alone. But nature shows you that the animal kills for food ..  not its own kind .. for only its physical needs.  But man uses that same formula .. to kill for whatever it needs ... it does not use its mind to create that which it wants from hard work but resorts to the baser instinct to kill the mind so that it can get through a destruction of all that is finest in it .. the mind. 

Picture the jails all over the world and the minds all locked up there.   That the man committing a heinous crime gets locked up behind bars .. physical they are .. they may only restrain the body ... but the mind .. that is the true creator of good and bad will keep on creating and destroying from wherever it is and it is only when the person learns to redirect the bad energy of destruction through the self through the thoughts it owns and sends out into the world ... will the world see a change. The locked up body then resorts to the locked up mind and faffs and curses . sending out negative vibrations into the world.  I learnt this the hard way by experiencing this story through my thoughts .. God putting into my mind all that I saw as bad and in desperate need of a change. 

That any change is only possible when one understands its negative side is merely a lack of understanding the powers inherent in all minds as one of equal opportunities and what is used brings the results.  That bad thoughts randomly linked to brings their attendant reflections into us is seen from the fact that often times we read something that bothers and makes us so angry .. we are livid .. so the message you are sending out is .. be careful to the destructive mind .. I see you hiding there .. but I am in opposition to you and I am putting into words my displeasure and your goodness wins the day and a better self is the result for you ... you keep growing in this way .. by whose side you take in life. So now you see how God works in you and through you .. you just did not understand the self that is you. It was my privilege to have shown you the way back to your own mind which is the power of you to be a god. The one who stands up for right is the way one shows the way through the self. We all begin small but once you MasterMind .. it is then over to you .. for now no one can shake rattle or roll you anymore.

 Its how the mind thinks is how goodness and bad is created in the world.  Let us take the media ... the newspapers are filled to the brim with all the woes of the world / the TV channels focus on sensationalism so does the person have time to think of good things in life. Of course not .. their minds are cloned (influenced negatively) by all that they read and hear.  So what results can one expect from such exposure .. surely love for all their fellow men is definitely not on the cards.

The devil spirit has been harrassing me ever since I tried to get my book out in the world.  It crept into my body as a pulsating energy and I thought it was goodness but even thinking that I did not enjoy the experience so I would give myself a wack and it would retreat. So I slowly understood that the umiversal energy was different from me and I wished to have nothing more to do with it and thus began my retreat into singularlity .. a separation from all other energy so that it could not topple my own good thoughts.  I literally taught myself to block all of this out of me ... for all of these things were a creation of stupid minds of the past and neither did I accept my sub-conscious or negatives / positives ... I just looked at most things with a jaundiced eye and would say to myself ... it is what it is and I am what I am and we do not see eye to eye ever.

And thus my single consciousness began to grow quickly in me for unlike the world that teaches repetition as a way to manifest .. I had seen through my own manifestations that a single good thought owned its own power if there were no doubts to cloud your belief in being worthy of receiving the results and I fought to change that reality for my life. So why do I write about it.  Its to show the way to you why firstly MasterMind is important for every single life and secondly when you see that I wrought many many changes in my own life through learning to change my life through it. Each problem I faced in life at the beginning I would read MasterMind and ask for the solution from my mind.  I would then open MasterMind randomly and it would provide the germ of the solution right on the words that I would read. I did that just yesterday too.

Being on facebook brought me face to face with both sides of the good and bad aspects of life. I own the sense to not open any articles on health and illnesses.  But do you ... you will think that a nugget of intelligence is being shared with you and you do not want to be left out of the picture of the world .. so you read it eagerly and then your mind begins to wonder. Could this be possible ? Oh my god .. I'd better update my knowledge .. let me read it ... and the bad strikes .. it turned you into a gullible fool.

All the knowledge you need to own is within your mind ... I have seen in very poor people the flame of goodness alive and well and they are unlettered ... it is but to illustrate the point that God is found wherever you are or whatever be your circumstance in the present.  You will never be judged in your present if you hold on to a better future for one and all through the self for that is the only way God paves the way for all.  Be good to the self .. think right thoughts and then go out into the world and share them with others .. a new generation is once again empowered through the message contained in one book.
You believed in something that you oughtn't to have ... but the mind holds the power to create degrees of separation from what you read.  If you push it out of mind .. it cannot recreate itself in you.   This is a protection the good mind owns through and by itself.  But what God showed me that the true protection comes to the mind when the mind links to God in a manner that is like soul talk ... ancient wisdom before so much other knowledge diluted its power to make it unworkable 

The swine flu is one case in point. It began in Africa .. do you see the connection .. all life was supposed to have begun in Africa .. so it seems to begin from there.  It is cloning.  All the worst diseases of the world have begun from there. AIDs is one more that comes to mind.

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