• Nairika Cornett No! Simply the Republinuts that are hijacking this country!
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  • Cynthia Cornett Oliver Inaccurate, Nairika. This country has been hijack by both sides of the aisle. They are the flip side of the same coin.
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  • Nairika Cornett Cinners, the wanting to teach Creationism vs. Evolution and like has NOT come from the Left...look at education issues in Texas and the like where we are literally rewriting history and science to fit right wing religious insanity...here my comments only refer to the mockery of proven science.
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he's trying to create a fear of ostracization to people who like to belong as a way of showing solidarity to a cause .. the one that they can understand possibly ... for metaphysics may well allude them though as Cynthia rightly put it .. they are both the 2 sides of the same coin .. just expressed differently. The world of science is cut and dried whereas the one of metaphysics is full of romance, love, all that defines a human race capable of feeling. There is a movie called Dead Poets Society which is a must watch.It stars Robin Williams. There are a lot of people hurting through the scientific way of looking at life ... simply because it is not the complete pic of life and belittles the all imp analysis of a fundamental law of life .. which is the one of cause and effect. In life everything is always breaking down to be recycled into something new ... this is something science needs to pay cognizance to .. for it answers all the stuff science has caused us problems with. There is animal life taking care of the breaking down process to keep our earth rejuvenated ... the day this picture is accurately portrayed in science ... that will be the day science will have redeemed itself. And life will be the winner.

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