MasterMind .. for men may come and men may go .. but I go on forever.

MasterMind .. for men may come and men may go .. but I go on forever.

MasterMind .. for men may come and men may go .. but I go on forever.

Women are comfortable being treated as equals for they are capable of rising to a challenge ... but that should not make society uncomfortable as to try and negate their contributions. Gender bias goes so much deeper .. it is difficult to quantify it all. May it disappear for it is a defunct role model in our world.

Mistakes of the past in depicting knowledge .. making the role of the woman as the inferior of the species ... Adam's rib etc etc. has caused so much mayhem that it has taken the world thousands of years to set right. There is a huge gap in wisdom as opposed to knowledge .. for knowledge is something you read as penned through another hand .. but wisdom is what you can trip off your own tongue after you have understood knowledge and learnt to cull out its original truth

A woman's capacity to be a creator is far higher for she holds the gift of nurture within her breast. She is Shiva's shakti for she is wisdom. She does not have to go around beating man to prove she is better .. but torment a woman and she becomes Shakthi ... a dormant power greater than Shiva .. then all hell breaks loose.

I found it effortless to create perfect health for myself simply by asking for it once but I felt connected to energy of goodness from where all good originates. I feel young in my present ... a hop skip and a jump is easy for me even when I have not exercised even one day after authoring my book. I just tell myself I feel sweet 16 and I can back that up with science too. But then so much free knowledge makes people lazy to do their own planning for their lives for guess what .. no matter what I write you will never be able to understand how to achieve it for yourself unless ..... you make commitments to yourself to want it badly enough.

To control energy (yours only then it works) is not easy for people who don't even know it exists ... you therefore cannot control the outside world like I know how to do .. I create with thought but am open to do good deeds too and link the thought and the energy to harness its power. How energy works is amazing to know ... everything we know in existence is a creation of energy vibrating at different speeds.  Different speeds create different things .. not different vibrations. The base material remains matter ... energy vibrations of speed create different material .. so if you are not where you want to be .. your energy is sluggish .. for true god energy moves in quantum leaps .. like an arrow shot from a bow .. it hits its target and the job is done. It then moves on elsewhere. 

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