To understand anything related to God and creation is not to expand it to its largest size (understand it as duplication / expansion of the one dimension .. for then you will learn that there is no end .. you will and must keep seeing more and more. For when God is everything and we too are gods .. a part or a piece of total reality is all that most achieve in one lifetime.  

However breaking up knowledge into the micro picture of oneness and the big picture is easily visible to understand.  As much truth as you want to learn for your life's desires will open upto you through MasterMind. There is a lot you will then understand as true wisdom and will feel let down by what the world shares with you on a daily basis. It is better to reach that place through MasterMind so that you do not feel cheated in your life. What I say will not make sense to you right away but if you feel drawn (as you must) take that decision .... for the other side is your better life.

Today morning I saw something beautiful .. I looked up at the sun around 9 am in the morning and I saw multi coloured rays coming down in clear columns of dots and dashes. It was awesome to see and it was light energy .. literally in dots and dashes .. like the binary fields of computers. Computer language is basically a whole lot of dots and dashes. I felt blessed to have witnessed it for God's love is always shared with the self ... a perfection seen when you learn to really love yourself first ... for then it is easy to love others.
Relations true are worth keeping  
As all of us own small faults ..
In God everything is right
In God there is perfection

Strive to reach that spot.

Can affection be greater ...
Or more important than perfection ?

A  line ephemeral its true ..
As love are they both ...
When seen in life's  precious moments.

I forgive quickly ..
But break no rules do I ..
Love is truly .. laughing is loudly
When I reconnect to all ...
It really makes me smile.

Is perfections the most important
Or is affection ?
I speak from my depth
All comparisons are odious
Perfection was made to be itself ...
And in that lies my answer. 

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