A reply to a friend on a spiritual path too 

Hi ... you take life too seriously .... I learnt through myself to let go and let the universe bring me back all I ask. I never meditate .. I can't sit still or blank my mind to save my life .. I just tell the universe .. I just can't or refuse to do all that ... and I am shown the simple ways of manifestation and everything flows to me instantly including a perfection in my health .. no limitations in movements .. I never exercise .. I eat well especially lots of butter and sugar and I don't fear anything .. anything at all .. not the spirits who talk to me whom I refer to as little devils.  The birds and animal energy also communicate with me though I am not particularly fond of animals as pets but am in admiration of the lessons I have learnt through them. I am mostly grumpy when I am trying to manifest something big and don't get it instantly ... I need no tools except my mind. One thing I must thank you for is that I learnt to navigate the skies for everytime I do or say something good for the world ... instantly a plane flies overhead and that could be many times in a day.  I am Mind so my navigation is through the air but at an altitiude for I consider myself to be an eagle at times .. a cat at times .. a lion .. depending on my mood. When I am angry I think of myself as a lion with the devil between my 2 front paws and hurl it about from one paw to the other much as a naughty kid.

I have already mastered the art of understanding time and space through the mad hatter's tea party in Alice in Wonderland but learnt the hard way that life is not circular for then you can keep going round and round. Rather life should be linear and know how to use 5 dimensions instead of the 3 being used now .. length / breadth and height. I also can control traffic from out of the path of my car when I am running late and nowadays there will not be much traffic in front of me ever even at peak hours for that was my desire.  I send messages to people if they are to visit me and I am busy and don't want to meet them and they oblige by phoning and cancelling.  Similarly I can get people to come and visit me too when I need their services .. all energy is kind to me for I AM WHAT I AM. 
 I use the signature of god to throw negative suggestions out of me instantly.  I can and also have used the cobra that nestles on my back as a protective hood and send it after any bad thoughts that plagued me in the past. This was some time back.  I have fun using all of god's creatures as my energy and feel thoroughly blessed with the richness of my varied experiences.  I can write poetry in minutes.  I can do all things through the power of my mind for I claimed god's energy as my own and God did oblige. I send out energy flows in waves from out of me and I see them move. Just yesterday I saw an amazing thing .. I was looking up at the winter sun at nine am ( i get up at this time) when I got up and saw clearly 3 bars of light in pinks and mauves and in those bars was a design of dots and dashes which threw me but they did not disappear and I kept observing them for quite a while. It is the binary nature of computerese. I guess that god was trying to teach me that all energy is transmuted through this way.

I learnt to claim all that I wanted in this world through the simple method of learning my own book and then my mind just keeps opening more and more wisdom through my interactions with my angels who I threw into form to tango with. I know you are an author too but if you read mine you would automatically reach other dimensions simply through your own mind.  Its up to you.

regards ... Roda

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