Working with knowledge is as chaotic as working with spirit .. so be forewarned that it is like baking a cake ... and we all know what happens to a cake if the ingredients are not correct. You will get a cake but probably not the best as when the ingredients are weighed out correctly in their right proportion. Now if you follow a recipe as in a book .. the results must be perfect .. but if you are not a great cook at causing a chaos right at the beginning .. a benign demeanour does not guarantee a good cake .. for a good cake needs to be stirred vigorously as a way of forcing all the ingredients to come together homogenously. That is physical work for I can hardly bake a great cake in my mind and have it pop out of my mind tasting great. 

Life does not work that way too .. you must seek knowledge that will make you a better human being ... this formula is as old as the world ... the one of mastermind ... go to a better mind to learn what you do not know .. or rather skim off the cream of knowledge from another who had to do the donkey work and you can get away and make it yours for a bit of money.  Money is also the power that buys God for you. 

Some truths here ... giving money in a so called holy place .. is just your way of telling yourself .. hey see I have the money to support you .. without me you will be penniless god .. and you will be doing no disservice to the real god of us all .. but rather showing him/her your good deeds in supporting the less fortunate of society.  Understanding knowledge is the only sure way to God ... everything else will keep you subservient ... bending left and right to any thing and everything that is called God ... but God there it is not .. except in your own mind .. a pun on the word working as a double edged sword ... for God is seen in good deeds.  And God will show itself to you .. there is no gender .. for none are excluded.  There is only one set of words that defines a true God .. GOOD THOUGHTS / GOOD WORDS / GOOD DEEDS ... THE WHOLE GAMUT OF LIFE IS COVERED IN THIS SMALL FORMULA WHICH I LEARNED AS MY RELIGION GROWING UP AS A ZOROASTRIAN ...  THEY ARE HUMATA / HUKTHA / HUVARASHTA. This was the first message ostensibly sent by God and it has survived the test of time ... the rest Christianity / Islam / Judaism / etc etc are but poor copies of preciseness of simplicity .. leaving their followers arguing over petty details .. leaving their followers mired upto their necks in proving ... I am the real God / no I am the real god .. when in fact they are really the real gods but so confused that they have lost that power to see their own truth. 

When there is only one god and you leave god out of others .. killing others in whatever name you choose to define God .. alas you are the sad story that will self destruct itself. Christianity sending their young sons to battle with others. Islam sending young sons to become terrorists to self immolate themselves ... by promising them lies of a beautiful after life. That is already promised to you as a god ... just don't be confused. Maybe the people who teach you this are truly believing of this as a truth .. but that is the main problem the world is facing always .. people trying to change things to suit themselves and forgetting the reality of life. Laws govern life and those that do not follow them .. pay the price with life.

 They are so similar in their agendas these christians and muslims .. that they do not see their similarity as being an off shoot of the same idealogy and learn to fight a similar war with dissemination of knowledge as being the only way to a good life for all.  Wars are only  meant to keep the numbers down .. but the irony is when more life is destroyed in nefarious ways ... life must keep duplicating itself. It then becomes a copy paste cycle that must disassociate itself with ideas of other minds and seek guidance from itself and be true to itself. 

The real truth of man as god is his ability to live for hundreds and thousands of years at a time .. in a physical body if so desired.  

So the true story of God must hold these virtues as a part and parcel of life lived as a being created from Mind and he/she must then follows the same formula to create life from Mind of the desired prototype ... MasterMind .. is afterall the only master of minds .. a book to be followed to create the good life. It is a way of thinking and contains no rules except the ones you will create out of the perfect mind that you personally already own.

what you  for the cleverest of us are the ones who will seek this way to grab what they don't have and make it theirs.

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