Women seem to be most unsafe in their homes while the conviction rate in crimes against women remains very low, a government study has found.
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  • Nilanjana Gupta and one more hard truth- IT IS THE WOMAN ( in most cases)WHO MOTIVATES MANIPULATES and IMPLEMENTS this sadistic torture by provoking me, i know of a lady who was supposed to take care of her little niece and all she did was being cruel to this innocent...See More
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  • Roda Langrana try not to blame any gender for any crime .. all crime whether by a male or a female is a crime against life .. humanity .. I feel so helpless when I read so much of it ... I wonder what anybody can do to stop it ... one can only do so much ... we can only inspire people who think like us .. but they are not the perpetrators of crimes.
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  • Monisha Patil Bharadwaj and sadly there is nowhere to report this and very little help available. Although systems are said to be in place, the reality is very dire. Society more or less turns a blind eye and victims remain silent for fear of being judged or in order 'not to rock the boat' :(((
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  • Mahabanoo Mody-Kotwal ms langrana...statitics prove that males are more prone to commit vilence than females.....so to change the mindset is what should be our priority.
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  • Roda Langrana