law of attraction mastermind by roda langrana,
secret of law of attraction mastermind by roda langrana

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Available some spirits for free ... they are one monkey, one dog, one cow, one crow and a few sundry others like the parrot and mynah. You may get additional copies of humans too as a bonus. They come and go as a package. They are not for sale for no one can buy them. They are vintage in nature and creep up on you unexpectedly like unwelcome house guests until you wake up to the realisation that they are a royal menace for there will always be a time when enough is enough .. but they were thick skinned and desperately needed an audience. It is only when you gift them to others that their true value is seen for you. So please keep passing them down.

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See the picture above .. what does the cross represent ... the human form ... the first one the rich can afford and the second the poor. So it is fair to assume that the rich and poor are both susceptible to the same problems suffered by man.  The rich can make it picture perfect while the poor ... take what they get.  The rich get away by portraying a better picture of themselves as god .. the poor have no place to hide. 

My mind did share with me that it is your thoughts that crucify ... the bad hang you up on a virtual cross and you see the punishments through them.

The author Sam Harris is in the public eye and receiving a lot of flak for being an atheist. He is being attacked by many and just a couple of days ago I heard a video of his where he claimed that there was no god that he could see .. for there was so much bad in the world.  What he is not capable of understanding is that mankind is god and the mind of god works through them. Heaven and hell is lived on this earth for us. But we are co-creators of our destiny .. for the mind of god brings back to us our thought desires. Now to get back to Sam Harris he claimed that hell was a burning fire .. after I have shared the above facts would you still believe that hell is a burning fire .... I know I wouldn't .. for I would definitely not want that for my reality .. for get this .. we are mind and the mind never dies. Hindus burn their dead .. so while the body feels nothing .. the mind / soul watching it ... remember the soul does not ascend to god until after 3 days .. so what does it witness .. a burning by fire.

This is why it is so important to understand through your own mind ... your capacity to lead a different life from the one society has imposed on you from out of the past. I would never continue doing the same things that have come from out of the past if they cause me distress.

It is referred to as hanging yourself from the cross again and again ... this is done in life .. and only when you are resurrected ... think differently .. you are free from that cycle. The resurrection represents the potentials from out of mind .. an ability of the mind to exist out of the body. 

Now let us come to the capacity of the mind to create your reality .. change your dna as per your inner thinking ... when I am 60 and can sing the song dancing queen by abba .. where the girl says she feels as young as 17 .. most will sing the song but not feel 17 .. but my inner mind allows me to feel 17 .. even though it may take a while to correct the gap from thought to manifestation. But keep on at it .. and your belief is instigated to come in on the act and a change is manifested. This is what I kept on seeing through my mind's eye after learning through my book MasterMind.  It helped me bring the past present and future in one synchronous picture allowing me to see only relevant stuff for my mental growth.

Knowledge of the duality of man punishes.  The time of the lone wolf is here. Focussing on knowledge from out of the past opens your mind to the bad that existed there too. Wars .. famine .. diseases .. etc .. you would never have come across .. unless they were shared with you through information.  Therefore knowledge is both good and bad and understanding the wide chasm between the two forces you to accept that your life is a picture created from out of your thoughts ... and the sub-conscious part of your mind is inundated with poison from out of the past carried over into this reality and doing its dirty work again and again without you being even aware that your mind is being wrongfully guided to eliminating your own good from out of you.  It is possible to be never afftected by bad .. when you focus on the thoughts going through your mind and kill the ones that are not good.  Whoever accepted duality within the mind of god did the world a big dis-service and it is this duality that is tripping us up from then till now. Even when I did not know and therefore did not cogitate on this phenomena ... my mind was constantly assailed by thoughts good and bad .... falling ill was one such phenomena. Break up the word disease and you realise it is the negative form of the word ease which stands for comfort of a life, etc etc. Dis before the word gives the word the picture behind the word .. which does not show any good from out of itself. But I would like to know how many can put up their hands to have taken the trouble to understand the world through words .. for they are the clear picture of what you may expect.   Since it requires a high degree of self indulgence ... a desire not to accept any old rubbish for the self ... an ability to see yourself as better than all the rest ... is what makes me understand why my book MasterMind has not found the number of takers mandatory for it to create goodness in the world 360 degrees. This kind of mind control is not for the faint hearted or those that want an easy life .. for like God it requires an allegiance .. a desire to belong to this class of people .. you may place yourself high through its allegiance ... call yourself an angel through this work on the self ... changing the world one soul at a time .. but one soul alone need not do all the work. When I accept the possibility of other minds being able to do what I do .. it would be downright mean and selfish for me to think of myself as the only goodness for the world. Its such a self defeating purpose for when I wish to see that the same work can be done by many ... we've all heard the phrase ... many hands make light work ... why would I want to be selfish. It is always nice to work as a community of beings of light ... those who shed  light on the lives of others as a way of passing the candle on from hand to hand and thus lighting up the world. Think about it .. simply reading this has opened the possibility of you being a part of this august body in the world of mind .. working one level higher than the rest.

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