law of attraction mastermind by roda langrana
secret of attraction mastermind by roda langrana


I faced innumerable delays to success .. I can talk of them as my past .. for my past is not reflective of my future.  God and devil are aspects of our duality that were a story created in the past. Most people tend to accept the past as gospel truth. But through the teachings of Zarathushtra and Jesus .. the 2 people who I am most comfortable with .. I was shown many truths of god for I came with an open mind ... willing to learn ... and the truth is the most cathartic of all. When god showed me the truths of the world ... I went .. like wow .. is that all there is to it ... and yes that is all there is to it for a beginner.  Feel excited about learning more .. go on but don't be misled for when god showed me ... I live in all minds ... I allow them to be great if that is what they want, I allow them to fail if that is what they want (the devil is controlling then). The mind is your greatest possession .. do not look on it as a gift .. for that could well be a one time affair.  Words are the tools to beat the devil and god black and blue. If everyone in the world is a god .. then which god do you fear ... fear the one in your head .. for that is the one that is going to control your results.  And god is the toughest cookie I know .. I am talking about me ... I was not a fighter .. but I hold that capacity within me.  All the tools of god I needed came to my aid in teaching me .. god taught me through stories of the past being lived by me in my present and thus allowing me to understand their truths. So all I had to do was best the devil within me.  Which was my sub-conscious ... I simply threw it out of me as a tool I was not comfortable using .. especially when I saw that all she did was bring me a mixed bag of results.

In fact the long and short of it is .. my mind allowed me to change everything I did not like in the Law of Attraction which had come down to me from out of the past .. an updating of its knowledge which my mind allowed me to do when I came from the goodness of questioning myself ... angry as I was .. I spared no one ... I asked god ( and now I can prove that god does work with you seamlessly and the bye line of my book MasterMind is the true message from god to all of us.  One good mind for the world is how I thought of myself and that was the return I got from god ... in true spirit.  No telling me .. how dare you think you are god ... I have left the knowledge of me in the world ... and yes I did not create the knowledge in my MasterMind ... I culled out the best of many books i.e. about 5 .. books that having existed for almost a 100 years had become lost to us practically in their existing format. Mind you the books are still available but I can proudly tell you that if it were not for my capacity to just take the essence of their truths and simplify the language for the present generation .. it might take the world a lot longer to change for the good.  And how would I become aware of those books in the first place .. if it was not a part of my destiny's work.  I was 55 when the law of attraction showed itself to me.  Before that I looked on self=help books with a snooty disdain thinking myself a cut above the rest. And whoa I reached out to them myself at 55 ... not because I felt I had to remake my thinking .. I thought I was perfect just the way I was ... but it was simply as a game of one upmanship.  I said Roda go ahead and create a second stream of income for your life. Look on it as a game of one upmanship of the devil .. the devil is the l-i-v-e-d spirit of the past who I had to best.  

But they were no contest whatsoever .... an absolute cakewalk ... I often laughed heartily.  In the beginning I was kindness ... I hold all the traits of a typical god in me and just kept getting robbed of time. Which is when I turned over .. literally flipped myself and fought the devil on his own home turf.  Now when you are dealing with the god in your mind there is literally no confusion .. everything was simply me.  But that was my own world of thoughts for myself .. so why would I be unkind to myself .. god showing me how god is me at all levels. Then I wanted to sell my book to the world .. so then I came face to face with the devil in other minds.  They did not think I was god ... so I fought ... like a true warrior .. then too I did not get results.  I then learnt the bitter truth of life ... if you are fighting the devil .. then it must be on his turf ... for as god and devil are just the 2 parts of us .. to be a god just beat the devil in your life. Some idiots created this formula for our lives in the past and I had to change that for myself. In one swift stroke .. I threw the devil out of my life .. lock .. stock and smoking barrel.  

Do I still believe in the prophets of the past .. a yes and no ... only upto the point I touched base ... after than I learnt to separate from my mind the rest as just stories of a very fertile mind. Were they gods .. just as much as you and me is the irony of the matter. God told me when one of my minds separates itself and comes into me .. I treat it as my very own. And he prodded me to simplify the Gathas the spoken words of Zarathushtra .. simply to show me ..see how easy everything is when you link to me as the source of everything. Zarathustra too claimed to have received knowledge from god himself.  It was the knowledge that glorified his work ... his mind was what opened itself up to knowledge that put him head and shoulders above others. A massive change he wanted to bring about in the world and he did succeed but not without a struggle .. for it is struggle that makes us sharper in mind for we must outwit the devil that will try to stop you. The devil is the toughest teacher I know .. it is god without his love. A lesson I share .. mess with god .. don't .. is my sincere advise ... for the devil comes visiting and will make you bend ... take you to the edge of the precipice and try to push you over. That aspect of god you do not want to mess with.  I went through it all and can tell you it is all 100% true ... it is the lesson I am meant to create as knowledge.

As a teacher too I was not spared .. I had to fight for no wrong happening for my life through words I used as a whip to keep the devil at bay.  Feelings .. alas there are none except for the ones you hold for yourself .. the god in you being kind to yourself. It is a difficult concept to explain for .. guess what .. it is a feeling. I would declare .. I am a god .. come no further .. for I promise to return your gifts back to you. They are the illnesses of the world .. which I have the answers for without medication .. and though I own this knowledge for the last couple of years .. I have not been in any hurry to share it with the world without any significant gain for myself. I wished to be a lesson for the world ..... name and fame I already own. Those who read me cannot but be changed by what I read.  I am truth .. I change for no one.  But I watch .. I see so many dine so effortlessly off my plate .. to feed their minds for free. But their consciences for having done so .. must prick them and pay me they must. There is no escape .. I have seen the world revolve in my solar plexus. I have had the sun and rain pay me respect .. a recognition of who I am. I created a living god within me .. I am the true spirit of god ... then I must be the ego that never changed for no one.  No criticism can ever touch me .. no harm ever befall me when I do god's work in this world. Why ... for no other reason that I hate suffering of any sort with a vengeance and will flip that energy as an alchemist for the world.  And yes .. gold is the gift of the alchemist .. for you in mind .. for my body out of my mind.  I did body shop.

At first I would picture sitting down at god's feet .. then my mind showed me as sitting beside god as a queen.  Just me growing higher in my own esteem .. and why not .. was I not the bearer of good gifts of the good mind for the world.  

To top it all the spirits of the past were egging me on to start a new religion ... that's when I saw the hand of the devil at play.  I was smart .. I just said to myself ... just watch the world dissecting the few who in goodness wanted to help the world and created religions. They are still getting hanged and quartered after thousands of years.  Would I be so wet behind the ears to fall into such a trap ... its like a back handed compliment.  We think you are good and capable and by jove I do too .. but would I be the fool that swallowed the tale of the tail.  Each one of us are the trail of god in the world ... the tail refers to the animal kingdom .. the unthinking part of the world who follow the traits of animals as guides for our world. That we are the exalted mind of god leaves them out in the cold.  Thank god I am who I am ... I have separated myself into a singular polarity ... I am not one with the world. I am a good head and shoulders above the rest of the world. I am the cup that wanted to hold the knowledge for itself and teach it to others. I may be called the Keeper of the Faith. I keep god alive in the world.  And it has nothing to do with games that other people play .. childish and foolish is the way they waste the time given to all to make a mark for their own soul and yet they fritter it away in useless ways. 

I brought the devil to his proverbial knees ... I just did the work of teaching the world and I left the devil to pay me my wages.  Why .. the devil told me .. come and work for me .. I have many more followers and they all need your book .. I will pay you.  Ahhh I saw through that in a while ... god admitting that there was a lot that needed to be set right through knowledge in the world ... but he could not show his true self in others for they needed to begin the journey with god's knowledge. Stop being an idiot and get my MasterMind ... the world must bow to god. Of course there is another choice for you too .. the hell on this earth when you as devil actually think you are god.  I have duelled and I have sparred with all that stood in my way to knowledge of me as a god .. capable of creating a lot of wealth in the world for it belongs to me in the first place. I promised myself to be a teacher of teachers when I found myself rewriting complications into simplicity. It was my mind as a god just allowing me to grow bigger and bigger and I continue .. but I no longer think of myself as of this world.  I create through mind consciously. Into other lives.

Just yesterday ... my cook wanted to go to the govt hospital for she said she had a fever for the last 3 days. She is fat and her mother told her not to drink water.  Which mother does that ... only an ignorant one definitely.  Some one who does not comprehend water is the major component of our body and that drinking less does not allow a dispersal of the waste matter in our bodies. So there was a build up of heat in the system. At first I told her she could go after lunch ... then I decided to be a tough teacher.  I went into the kitchen and told her ... pour yourself a glass of water .. I forced her to drink it. She was still being controlled by the devil so she drank half and said she would drink the other afterwards. One shout from me and she finished it in a second. I then made her pour out a 2nd glass and made her drink that. A half hour later we had a mixed fruit juice and I made her drink a glass of that too.  The second was a treat for listening to me. I then asked her .. so how are you feeling now .. is your throat still scratchy. She said no I feel better. Then she told me what I had taught her earlier. She is poor .. does a poor person need to spend money on medication. They can ill afford that. She said aunty can I go out in the evening for an outing and I will spend the money I would have spent on the doctor on myself.  I wondered at the power in a 20 year old to believe in me instantly. All be it a force was needed to change the old ways of thinking. 

To go back to the lesson I had taught her as an unlettered individual .. was the proof of how minds get jaded when they are inundated with information .. all contrary by the way and they have to wade through that by themselves to figure out what can and cannot work.  I pity the world that does not become a believer of my MasterMind. The devil by now has been doing my work ... they will pay me for I have corrected the past. This is how in goodness I pulled myself out of the rate race.  

Now get this .. source of everything is the past ..past souls must take a new birth and it is them I did teach ... God will pay me for the work I have put in .. knowledge of god resurrected as it were for the future. Good to go for as long as god desires it as relevant to the present. 

You are the present .. you will pay me for this your life.  I am the Pied Piper for your life ... be the children or be the rats.  Both were eliminated in absolute precision of a lesson that will stand the test of Time.  A dire warning.  The choice is yours always. No finger can ever point at another ... you make decisions .. don't blame any god for your own problems.  You could do that when you did not know yourself .. now that you are knowledgeable  .. take responsibility. 

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