Many people of our world do not understand the very basic explanation of the word divinity which is simply the truths of knowledge of our basic identity as a living god. All the things that are on earth serve only us .. which means that they were created by us for our own use only.  But I will show you how to understand it as I learnt through connecting with knowledge in my own mind through MasterMind. Firstly let me share one simple example .... and we must latch on to truths we have seen in the past and are even seeing in our present for everything is observed through motion. This is an important idea to latch on to.  It explains the reality of first hearing something .. then understanding it and then seeing it become a part of your life. 

But as you can see it requires a motion to see yourself begin with an idea .. by implementing it .. not just reading about it and forgetting it.  A good thought alone is not enough at this stage .. action or doing is necessary at first to allow you to become a successful creator through mind. What shows me that you are ready to switch to making the necessary change is your capacity to latch on to beauty of thought (at this stage all be it of others) and clone it for your life. It shows that you have begun the change necessary to leaping into an acceptance of a higher version of yourself .  So you are admiring of the good people of the past ....but accept the unalterable fact that they were the same as you are .. humans who grew in their mind to becoming their best selves.  Now the one change you must make in your thinking which is radical and I am going to share with you is that ... all of us have it in us to be above average. The world around us has been unkind in so many ways that when you understand that money was the reason behind it you will be forgiving for everybody needs to own money to live the good life.  

So let me share how it has been unkind .. it has left you with the thinking that knowledge can only be acquired through an educational institution ... where as this is as far from the truth as possible ... flipping it into an opposite ..  A LIE. This lie has been the cause of most of the world having had to go through endless pain and suffering. To set it right .. one must accept to let bygones be bygones ... just say to yourself ... thank my lucky stars that somehow I have become lucky to come in contact with knowledge hidden by those who wanted to control money and wealth through keeping knowledge of our powerful minds from us. For when you do not know that you can be a controller of your own life from your own mind you are helpless to see the changes that to give credit all must desire and want.                                                                                                                                                                         Right now if I am to ask you what changes you would like in your life .. you will be confused and say .. no .. I do not see anything wrong with my life. Its ok. But I did not say change your life because there is something wrong. That reaction is a gut instinct not to want to share your innermost thoughts with others.  And this is the first thing  that is ok for there are many ways to knowledge .. but the first way is to focus on the self and it is one of the most rewarding one I have ever seen.It is because you think in secret in your mind .. the thoughts that are dear to you and which you need never share with any other .. if you don't want to. Through MasterMind many many ideas will be shared with you and its first work for your life is to remove fears .. doubts ... stress ... healing of illnesses automatically through ideas planted in your mind or through the written word.  What will happen is that you will draw all of this to yourself and you have the option to accept what ever pleases you in your mind.  This is mostly all there is to it.

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