What is the secret that nobody wants you to know ?

law of attraction mastermind by roda langrana
secret of law of attraction mastermind by roda langrana

What is the secret that nobody wants you to know ?

My MasterMind connected me to God.  When I asked questions of how I could help people all over the world connect to God ......  I started to fall into a meditative trance like state and MasterMind was the book gifted to me through this state. Now I have been going hoarse telling everyone to become aware of their own power. All you need to do is read MasterMind again and again and see the miracles you are capable of achieving just through the powers of your own mind. Every human being is capable of activating their  Pineal Gland or the Third Eye  to spiritual world frequencies. They allows you to have the sense of all knowing, godlike euphoria and oneness all around you. A pineal gland once tuned into to proper frequencies with help of meditation, various esoteric and spiritual ways enables a person to travel into other dimensions, popularly known as astral travel or astral projection or remote viewing. It all seems so easy and natural and normal things which you have been doing but were not aware of. Now you know  !!

With  ancient knowledge like in MasterMind it was also possible for me to help people through thoughts and actions to create good in the  physical world. Yes, it is bizarre, but I have been doing this type of work  and have succeeded far beyond my imagination. 

Your Pineal Gland is represented in Catholicism in Rome; they depict the pineal as a pine cone in art. Ancient societies like the Egyptians and the Romans knew the benefits of this knowledge and it was shown with a symbol of an eye. 

The Pineal Gland reference is also found on the  U.S. dollar bill with what is called the ‘all seeing eye’, which is a reference to the ability of an individual to use this gland and go to the other side (spiritual world) and help the world think beautiful thoughts to improve the lives of people in the physical world by knowing what they are thinking wrong and correcting/rectifying it at all times in our physical world. 

Various research being conducted so far confirms that there are certain periods in the night, between the hours of one and four in the morning where chemicals are released in the brain that bring about feelings of connectedness to one’s higher source.

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