THE TRUE NATURE OF THINGS                                     

the word nature is about who we are like what is your/my true nature etc .

All the answers are in the world ... the true nature of nature is the ability to be everything depending of what you are challenged with in your present .. encompasses everything .. good and the not so good. 

A lion eats a deer .. how may you judge the lion that kills for food. When everything is life ... even a vegetarian is guilty of eating plants. Our earth is made up in millions of deaths ... all the earth could well be composed of our dust. So how may a vegetarian judge a non-vegetarian. 

God has made the world in such a format that no saint can judge a sinner nor any sinner judge a saint .. when the hammer hits a nail .. then only is contact made with mind ... and it forever leaves a mark that equals everything out. A hammer is a symbol of punishment. So no matter you may the head of a nation .. lets say ... Mr. Barack Obama .. as an example .. if he does not own the knowledge of my MasterMind .. he is in the worst place possible .. for when an illness comes to attack him .. hardly are the germs going to be kind and say .. wow we must be careful .. he is the president of the biggest country in the world.  No .. its only knowledge that can put him on a pedestal where the germs are made to turn benign and leave him alone.

You can no longer be the same for remember the mark .. it will remain to remind you of it. That which we judge as not so good .. became my last lesson from God in my now ... to accept everything even in confusion ... to accept everything even in doubt .. we tend to put ourselves on a pedestal .. I am above it all ... alas .. that is judgement .. and in some life past or future .. we may be judged by those we judged ... it is God being all things to all men women or child.We keep playing different roles in different lives to get a complete idea of our own capacities .. of just one thing ... how long are you gonna take to understand that I am all and I am one .. says God. How are you gonna like it If I start judging you ... it is the question for which I have he most honest answer ... not one teeny tiny bit ... and I learnt to let go of everything ... no attachments to any judgements  good or not so good. A hammer kept hitting me till contact was made for this lesson .. I soon accepted it in mind several times for spirit did play the role of the devil .. not allowing me my success.  Would you agree with me if I said ok ...  if not in this life .. then another .. then another .. but if  this is the only lesson that God stands by unflinchingly to teach .. the rest of anything is just a story to fill the time needed to learn this. I have been so exposed to knowledge .. just the right amount .. it allowed me to share what I knew instinctively .. just the right amount to influence and open millions of minds to begin its own journey.

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