Authenticating the self is what I now understand as one of the goals of MasterMind. I just did not have any idea when I began as to the depths of knowledge I could plumb so effortlessly ... it made me feel grand .. like a princess. Do you want to learn to love yourself through MasterMind ??
MasterMind and my teachings authenticated themselves by the power they hold to awaken that same self authenticating part of the human mind and heart. Poverty is not to know the self. And I will share the secret with you right here and now .... it is the fact that through your mind you are connected to all energy in the universe .. and just knowing it is enough to activate it.  I have read this in all the religions of the world and this article was inspired by the Lost Gospel of Thomas where reading between the lines to plumb their depths I once again found God ... just as I did in Zoroastrianism and Hinduism as well as Buddhism.  Deeply ponder on them and internalise these words so that you may be transformed by them.  This is the key to abundance. For a fuller realisation of your being do read these words in such a way that they enter the mind and the heart ...  leading you to a voyage of transformation. It is only through the mind that words such as these can bear their full fruit.

In MasterMind is the key to the intuitive spiritual mind of the self as god.  Those thoughts had the power to awaken an unknown part of my life that brought with it an undeniable recognition of truth and hope. And it resonated so well with my natural inclinations ... characteristics found in all of us  ... be good - for goodness sake.  When I brought forth the god in my mind ... I was given all the right reasons to fight .. all the knowledge of me hiding in my mind that I wanted to change. And then to understand that as lesson is shared as a inspirational story .. it holds the capacity to help all others.

I speak as one owning the authority of having done all this .. in mind .. when the devil showed me .. see why people suffer by suffering like them and I shouted .. but why should I .. I am the mind of god ... but they pushed me hard .. till I would take it no more ...  and then I turned around and in the deadly quiet voice of authority ...  threatened them out .. not one step further .. I hold the pen .. I will uncover you and let the world understand where you hide. And since thoughts are nebulous and subject to change even 50 times in a minute ... yawn .. just go and change them. Don't bother me .. just go and sit with MasterMind.

 ... my friend .. god is the most effortless act to follow .. everything else is a punishment .. lies .. killing .. controlling .. everything pushing you out of your mind  .. and into a body forced to do dirty deeds to feel powerful ... (but control through mind is effortless .. just bang some few thoughts about and work them out of your system ) .  

So where do you want to find yourself .. an effortless creator .. for all the wealth of the world I found at my disposal .. by eliminating poverty out of countless minds ...  my ability to change minds through empowerment of the self ... what I want for myself .. I want for everybody else too. When I love you enough to share everything I know .. how will you deny me and my mind as coming from god and my ego to be true for all.

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