I pity the folks who wanted my book so cheap that I the author did suffer .. to refuse them. They put such a low premium on their own lives ... it is amazing and amusing now .. for if they understood mind ... as one .. then the finger would point. I point mine upwards like Zarathushtra. I imbibe the best that life has to offer me in terms of inspiration and I go across all religions and see the same pattern. History is replete with stories of authors who died in abject poverty because their works did not sell in their lifetime. They did not understand the mind whereas I made it my business to learn. I had made a vow to myself when I began writing that this would never happen to me .. for suffering and playing small does not suit me at all. When I guide the world and I do .. I must send out the right message the first time around so that history does not repeat itself in rubbish. Life is short ... though it can be as long as you wish to live it ... I have seen many pins fall .. knocked down without a by your leave ... do you understand the meaning of that ? Knowledge does not spare ... the good and bad suffer equally .. it is only when you accept that .. enough .. I have simply had enough of whatever it is I am going through. There must be better ways .. and fight your way out of the morass your thinking has been reduced to. I have threatened spirit with MasterMind ... for thoughts have the power to touch on an unknown part of ourselves (spirit .. elaborated as soul ... carrying with it its past baggage .. the world calls your karma and which story I do not swallow .. for god does share with us that we are deliberately kept away from our past lives just so that we do not carry that baggage .. and from the very beginning I have the propensity to not look back which is a happy happenstance for me) that brings with it an undeniable recognition of truth and hope. When you learn how to bring forth what is within you (spirit) ... what you bring forth will and must save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you ... what you do not bring forth ( your bad spirit) will destroy you. These are the 2 aspects of you ... god and devil / positive and negative / yin and yang / spenta mainyu and anghre mainyu. The same is shared as common knowledge across all religions so it is a common pattern. Are you protected in your mind ... stop being a fool .. BUY MasterMind. God will keep bringing you to the water of life ... there is nowhere else to go.

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