Sahi manwa dukh ki chinta .. kyu satati hey ?
Dukh kya upna saathi hey ??
This song is picturised  on a blind man ... and through these words a question is asked 
1st line ... Oh my mind ... why does sadness worry you ???
2nd line ... have I made friends with sadness .. is it my companion  ??

The words should have ideally been

Sahi manwa dukh ki chinta ... kyu na satati hai
Yuh .. dukh .. na saathi hai ?

Our minds are being programmed and reprogrammed though your thoughts. So as music is the food of the soul ... it stands to reason that sad music makes us sad and happy music makes us happy.

And the horrendous truth you should know ... happiness and sadness will keep on tugging at your heart strings ... the one you give attention to .. is the one that wins. Blindness too is an expression of sadness when the person withdraws into themselves for they do not like the world they are see ing any more. Its a way of a mind picture which holds many truths in it ..... of punishments that cannot be borne any more and the poor soul gives in and death is the result.  This truth is applicable to all .. for everyone holds a carry forward from the past. Until you learn to change it.

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This was what was shared with me too through articles and I said to myself .. Roda .. now just you wait a minute .. do you swallow that story ... and then I came to the conclusion I was being fooled in this life by some casual remark of some other poor soul. That's when I stopped giving credence to reading facts as presented by other people. I wanted to do my own analysing and since it was for my own life .. it perturbed me not one little bit.

Now why should I buy that story .. especially when God's truth is that he keeps each cycle of life apart from another. The devil tried to fool me ... she kept trying to tell me things from the past .... and I would always break that trend of thought  .. for I realised that I was being conned into making her an authority on my life .. but the truth would be that she could as well be telling me some sad story and I would need to buy an untruth to believe her. Wow .. talk about mind-bending. This was to do with the past. You can share as many stories of it in history but its a cinch that a lot of it was made up by very clever brains .. out for a walk and airing their knowledge. It need not be as bad as it sounds but I am sure that there is a fair amount of truth in what I share. Scientists .. archaelogists .. are forever discovering the past ... they would be much better of learning from the present .. their own experiences .. now they would be truths. Now do you get the difference between stories and facts.

The truth of this is borne out by my experiments with truth ... where I saw that choices are placed before you every single minute of the day and because you do not know how to handle those quiet and stealthy suggestions ... you will trip yourself up endlessly. Its just the formula of thoughts presently existing in the world and need I say more ...

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