This is what I am teaching everyone through my book  ... the words above are but the beginning of actually seeing and feeling god .. when you feel the words as an emotion .. as an action happening out of that word in your mind's eye much before it is reality .. then you are experiencing god. It is a feeling like no other.  Now no one can stand in your way ... for I have now become a collective noun ... One is all. And yes I can safely tell you that if you ask another to expand it for you .. they will not be able to do so .. for there are a few but not many in this world like me.  Oh they may understand it so to speak but ask them to speak on it .. and when they can I shall certainly doff my hat to them. Until then.

When I wrote .. I was so immersed in that work .. that I kept asking for my success as a matter of habit ... thinking that I would simply receive it.  But along came this demon to my mind .. swaggering as if she owned the rights to my book .. simply because the knowledge is ancient. Can you understand such an utterly nonsensical claim. To have no capability or inclination towards my area of expertise ... she harrassed me no end. I shall never forget this and I have told her on numerous occasions that I will come after her when I am a spirit and torment her as she did me. Bad never becomes good unless there is a desire to mend ... then it is self generated .. never through another and vice versa. A pitiful end to this story  .. but I dissected it enough to understand it.

Each stage of dealing with negatives ... allowed me to eliminate their power over me and then the ultimate happened ... I suddenly began to smile, laugh even .. with an unmatched glee ... for guess what I was learning to flip negative spirit energy just like a cook flicks a pancake with a certain panache. I felt like a child poking at a balloon just to see it burst.  A mental getting back and seizing controls back to the self. End of story.

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