Sometimes the things that happen to me sound so absurd ... I am sure that if it was not me having the experience .. and somebody else told me about it as their experience .. I would become a sceptic. But since I consider myself to be an intelligent being ... I find it difficult to relate to my experiences through the eyes of another. To me my experiences are 100% real for I see and feel them. So let me give you another story ... I know my experiences are but for me to see with my own eyes and after the incident is over .. it becomes a story to relate to expand on my self having a god experience. 

A little while back I fully understood the story of the mosquito and me. Our association goes back many years to Calcutta where I grew up and had suffered malaria back then. But when I settled in Bangalore I would tell myself that these were only garden mosquitoes and so they never bothered me and I lost my fear of them. So the mosquito has taken on a cult ... a fear of illnesses ... and its in so many minds that it has grown into a full blown devil thought. Now I have been noticing for some time a mosquito leaving my body every time a good thought is uppermost in my mind. And I am puzzled and concerned as to how my story is going to be accepted by others. For as all of us are unintentional gods ... and I am likely to get so many different interpretations from out of mind. Each opinion tells me how much I have been able to influence others. I blessed the mosquito as a friend ... not able to see any more harm through it as in my past .. so then it showed me how much I have grown in knowledge that I am able to walk away with an absolutely calm mind from stuff that had created havoc for me in my past .. and I taste the freedom of being a conscious creator .. one who flipped thoughts .. an alchemy of motion .. so huge that most of you will not even begin to understand how big is its impact for our world. 

For spirit/angels showed me again and again how easy it is to copy god in our daily lives and that I was destined to do this work for it came out of my choice. I saw .. literally saw through my mind's eye how god works and he allowed me to copy him to teach myself goodness of work that came closest to how he works. I thank god that I am in the place I am meant to be i.e. receiving a world wide acclaim for my book MasterMind ... for I have walked the walk and talked the talk and from now on everything is but a story .. which means others must now begin their journeys with MasterMind for I have outgrown it.

I did God's bidding my writing the book but it was my hand that laboured on. There's something more I wished to share .. I am a very proud person ... nobody can change my mind for me .. so in other words I make a very formidable opponent. Zen philosophy teaches mankind to be humble ... it is a trick to keep you under its thumb ... an ability to control you through the knowledge they share. You are then like a sheep that follows the herd (everybody is explained through an animal example of nature for animals too have characteristic traits that exist in us too). God is the only conscious creator for he creates everything through a choice made from own mind and everyone follows diktats. Everything I learnt of the law of attraction sounded at some level "├Âld hat" so I went about doing things in the right way. 

I rewrote my experiences through my own mind ... I flipped the alchemy of those old thoughts to be more aligned to the strictness that is needed to follow God. DNA is being re-written wrongly in you when you are not aware how your actions are stored in you. When spirit kept up a continuous vortex in me I started getting suspicious and found they were storing not only my positive results but negatives too. That's when I put a stop to the negative storing by literally slapping and stopping those vortexes. This explains why all your results will not be positive always ... for when one is not aware of their own power they become the devils for their own selves. 

And God gave me a powerful reason to go down this path .. to come and do the necessary work. I am Ego .. the one who treads the loney path .. for no one is able to raise their vibration high enough to call themselves by an old ancient name for God. Ego is the word. It shows how far people are separated from god even when they say daily prayers etc .. for they no not how to commune with their own minds. And the joke is on them ... for they have lost out finally and sold their souls to the devil ( pl let me explain that the devil is but a bank where bad thoughts are deposited and anyone is free to borrow .. but be aware of the high interest rates that it charges from its borrowers.) And religion is but a start in life .. after that religion conspires to keep God's goodness away from you. Those who fight in the name of religion beware or be aware of your innermost thoughts for it is through them that you will be judged. Separating god from god in the name of religion is the divide and conquer formula. 

I was once a victim too .. we all are when we know not how deeply we may be affected by cumulative bad thoughts. But my journey with MasterMind beat that shit out of me .. for God put the ultimate test in front of me. You want to sell your book to the world .. be the world and prove to me that you are capable of being the world then it is all yours to change .. and guess what .. I did that so effortlessly that I am even more proud of myself. Millions have followed my writing which is for free .. a true gift from god.

I have always known this fact .... and now have proved it through my experiences to myself ..
the most difficult part of doing anything new is not knowing how and where to start .. and when I began it was the same for me too.  I desperately asked god to hold my hand for I wanted to take the plunge to begin a second innings for my life.  It appears a bigger career than the one I did for 20 long years working in an office. And guess what one night deep in my sleep god gave me the bye line for my book. It was about 2 am and I scribbled it on a piece of paper. If you cannot fathom that MasterMind means the master of all minds .. then go to the byeline through which god showed me how to get started .... I did god's bidding by writing this book .. but it was my hand that laboured on. It involves a synergy of thoughts far beyond your capacity to understand at first  .. for you may only see God in eyes .. for they are the windows to your soul.
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