Your mind is the most sensitive and delicate instrument ever created. By feeding it with the right "diet" it can make you an outstanding success just as feeding your mind with negatives can turn you into a total failure.
You will catch the drift of what I am saying when you compare it with your body. You spend a lot of your money on buying the best foods, vitamins, dietary supplements - because you believe that your body reflects the diet it is fed. Good food helps build physical stamina, a resistance to diseases, your body structure and even how long you live. So in effect .... your body is what you feed it ... but only as far as your mouth is concerned.

Now to get back to the mind - your mind food does not come out of a packet or a bottle which you can buy at any store. Your environment is your mind food ... i.e. all the 101 things that influence your thinking. All these influences will determine the way you react, your habit, your attitudes and even to an extent your personality.

You might have become an entirely different person had you grown up in a different environment ... in a different country with different thinking influences because most people are products of their environment. Mark this fact well and contemplate your habits and behaviour and you will realise that you picked it up from other people .... even relatively minor things like our preferences for clothes, literature, entertainment .... they are all a reflection of our environment.

Now to come to the size of your thinking - your goals and your very attitudes and even your complete personality are all formed by your environment. And this is absolutely the saddest part - a prolonged association with negative people makes you think negatively.  Negative people make you think negatively... this fact cannot be enphasized enough. Being in close contact with petty individuals develops these petty habits in ourselves. But lets look on the bright side and see what associating with people with big ideas can do for you. I am writing this  article to inspire you.....

 * People with big ideas raise the level of your thinking.
  Think of me as a person with big ideas come to influence 
  you positively with my MasterMind.
 * Being in close contact with ambitious people will give 
    you ambition. I am an ambitious person sharing my big
    picture with you.

Because you are a product of your environment - what you are today is reflected in your present personality, your present ambitions and your present status in life. But all experts will tell you that the person you can be say 5 or 10 or even 15 or 20 years down the line from now ...depends almost entirely on what you allow into your future environment.

You can easily change over the months and years but how you will change will entirely depend on the food you feed your mind which is considered as your future environment. So let me help you change your future environment to success and prosperity.

The number one obstacle on your journey to success will be the negative that major accomplishment is way beyond your reach. Please learn this lesson - this attitude is a result of many many repressive forces that control your thinking and keep you at mediocre levels.

To understand how this works go back in time to when you were a child. As a child you always but always set yourself a high goal. At a very young age you dreamed big dreams..... to be a leader, to attain a high position of some importance, to do exciting things, to become wealthy and famous - in short all the beautiful things of this world which God wired into our brains to give us a head start. And as children we always believed that we could accomplish anything.
But then what happens is that long before we reach an age where we can begin to work towards our dreams any number of suppressing influences begin their work on us.
You grow up hearing comments like ...
- don't be a dreamer - its foolish to be so - live in the real 
- you need lots of money to get ahead in life
- you need lots of influencial people to help you to get 
And there are so many of these that I simply don't want to focus on all these negatives. Let us move ahead to change our environment to a positive one. Let us talk about the people who never surrender to a negative environment . This sadly is a very smal group as at present for they are the ones who never allowed the pessimists to dictate their lives. They refused to surrender to forces in their environment that suppressed them and here I will bluntly tell you these "they" may well include your parents, your siblings, your spouse and you trust this environment so you may well buckle under their influence - but when you know better - that they too have been influenced by their environment - you know you have the wherewithal to change your circumstances for the better.
People who wish to change things around live and breathe success.They are happiest and accomplish the most. They become the best they are capable of. All of a sudden life is stimulating, worthwhile and very very rewarding. You look forward to each new day with a spring in your step. Be honest ... wouldn't you like to be a part of this group - the ones that find the greatest success ...the ones that can get things done and get great results.
You need to get into and stay in this group - fight the suppressive forces that will try to hold you back.Its only a matter of tweaking your thinking. Supposing a dear friend is unknowingly a suppressive force in your life.When you acknowledge in your mind that that person does not know better you forgive them and then do your own thing - you will have switched sides - from the negative environment to a positive environment where only success awaits you.
Remember always that the people who tell you it cannot be done are always the unsuccessful people. They are average and sometimes mediocre in their accomplishments. The opinions of such people is akin to poison.
Develop your own defence against such people who may try to hold you back by convincing you that you'll never make it. ACCEPT NEGATIVE ADVICE FOR ONE REASON AND ONE REASON ONLY ... AND THAT IS TO SPUR YOU ON TO PROVE THAT IT CAN DEFINITELY BE DONE.
Negative people are simply everywhere and they seem to delight in sabotaging the positive progress of others. Be extra extra cautious of these people and never let them derail your plans to think yourself to success.

I set out to prove that a positive thinker which I definitely definitely am derailed too ... but I bounced back because I never allowed anything to come in my way. Everytime something negative came along (its almost like a slap in the face which can make the bravest of persons cower and hide) I used it to heal myself and get back on my feet with a firmer resolve to succeed every single time. And my dear reader this type of encouragement only you can give yourself when despite all odds you decide that nothing and nobody can stand in your way to success. Everytime I face a negative in my life I have this mental picture of Meryl Streep dusting herself of after a fall and swaggering out of the room. Its a mental picture you can create for yourself too. Imagine somebody giving you a sock in the jaw .... you are floored for a minute ... but then you pull yourself to your full height - straighten your back - pity your attacker - and walk out with a model's swagger...... a victor of your circumstances and ready to do what it takes to achieve it all.

alone I am enough .. MasterMind by Roda Langrana

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