There is so much rubbish and rot in cumulative mindsets and with each generation it keeps repeating itself through endless cycles of births and deaths of people who lead such averagely useless lives that there is nothing redeeming about it. How will you be kind to this when you do not see it improving but getting worse every day. What kind of world is being left behind for future generations when the MIND is not guided to think correctly but left to its own devices to conjure up indiosyncracies for itself.

Spirit are so bad they have given you a rotten formula ...all the weeds of the past rather than being discarded still exist and are being passed down rather than being eliminated ... you have free choice ... but only a god knows or understands the importance of a free choice .. for when spirit is a devil for your life ... what choice is there for you but to beat it and beat it again. Or lead a quiet life bored and desparately looking for the next shiny object. Bird brain is what I call that.  That it is affected by the way I tackle it ... they won't stay to face the music ... I saw by the way they would run away from me ... not because they were helping me ... but shit scared for themselves ... literally. They could not cope.

Can that be a winner's formula ... not one little bit  for all it gifts to life is the absolute opposite ... a loser's life.  Spirit showed me through themselves all that I never wanted to see .. pitting me against the world so callously .. I wondered where goodness of god was hidden .. certainly not in them.  When I began I swore to myself ... my 6th sense must have guided me on this ... that I did not want to see the rotten stuff in other people's lives.  But spirit saw a winning formula in what I shared and they used me to beat the rot out of the spirit world.  Now I did not want to wack each individual who will buy my MasterMind into shape .. for that is always done by god through the written word .. a pinprick to the mind of god ... wake up from your slumber and take charge of each individual life for you are its owner.

Only a living god owns that right.  Tough I am .. and ready to call a spade a spade. I prefer to live my own rich and varied life rather than waste my energy on others. God gave brains and everything I own equally to others .. but if they choose to live their life vicariously through newspapers and magazines but not knowledge that is capable of redeeming their lives ... a raison d'etre for having lived a good life having done good in the world ... not a pretence of it ... it is their cross to bear.  Suffering as I saw through life after life .. and the part that floored me ... they could not and did not raise their thinking to thinking for themselves .. but preferred to live a cloned life. If you saw one family ... they were almost identical in their thinking patterns to the next and pray what is redeeming about that.  

And yet I know and have heard of so many intellectual people and the reason I did is because you can literally count the numbers on your hand.  And if that is the case ... what kind of lives are the rest of the 99% of the world living.  And they have the temerity to find endless excuses for their lack of everything .. but themselves. So many people .. most of them christians on wordpress have such closed minds .. no wonder they are at war with the rest of the world .. like holy joes they trip the same old excuse so effortlessly off their tongues .. they look like a pack of jokers at best. Oh we believe in Jesus they say ... do they actually believe in Jesus as an example of a god in human form or the character they have created in their minds through themselves. So poor Jesus Christ then becomes a jack or a joe ... ahhh .. but here's the rub .. then Jesus is not living an exalted life through that jack or joe .. but brought down in stature .. through the minds of jacks and joes of the world and the world is the saddest place it is. And if that's not true .. then they are monkeys' uncles ... brought down in life by scientists who showed them the animal formula of inheritance. Descendants of apes they will forever remain deriding their faith and cursing the haves but not able to become the haves themselves through the power of their own minds. 

Not willing to improve themselves and then as I understand the work of a god .. I did what I had to do .. awaken the anger in you to seeing yourself as a fool, a nincompoop .. an idiot .. show you what you really are not what you imagine you are .. for then I will ask you what is your gift that you bring to the collective table. What have you excelled in an an individual .. what is your contribution to society ... what what what is my question. If you are still following the ape story that some nincompoop brain came up with thousands of years ago then you have got stuck in that pigeon hole and have not been able to teach yourself how to get out of that rabbit hole. Clones do that to themselves ... only the ONE that walks her own path ... sees the dirt and grime of the world beginning in minds and have done my best to change the way you perceive the world ... not as something you forget about ... use and throw ... but make changes in your life that bring out the best for everybody. Create new systems .. eco friendly to protect our environment ... but not go off kelter and write the earth off as a one full of problems but created by all of you .. gifting it problems galore through your own mind.  Oil in the real world has been controlled by pernicious minds creating a lack for others .. watch what you do to the world outside you coming to roost in your own mind .. oil and butter has been taken off your tables and you cannot enjoy that plenty. Tough am I ... and you cannot brush all of this as the doing of a few .. for acceptances of wrongs are equally culpable of the crime. 

Spirit has been so badly shamed as to the condition they have left the world in ... God will not show his face in this world for his perfection is about to be scorched and he will then appear as the devil ... ready to make you accountable for all that he is facing.  I know this for a fact for spirit called me god ... so ordinary has this word become .. so devoid of goodness .. that most people cannot see themselves as god .. they look in the mirror and wonder is this what god is all about ... no it is not .. god is a higher vibration and you in your present state are just not that.  So you must be going towards that goal for you are not good enough until you realise truths of god.  

Mother Teresa said a truth which reverbrates in my mind till today from the time I heard it ... in the ultimate analysis everything we do is between god and us ... but she did not spell out the ultimate truth .... as to who is god and who is us. These are word games which offuscate the truth in such a horrible manner that people are confused out of their minds. If the truth were laid out in front of you .. you will bless the giver of such knowledge for your life .. for the absolute truth sounds stranger than fiction and the 1% that owns this knowledge will keep it from you for they need willing servants to work in their offices and do all the dirty work that they do not like to do. But they too are no gods for their desire is not to help you better your own life but to make a willing slave of you through money. I on the other hand wanted to give you a better life through my desire to earn money for myself. So I dragged and pulled an unwilling devil of a spirit .. beat it .. did so much that there is not enough place to write about it all. It took its toll on me too .. I am no longer the naive and loving person that I once was. And God did this to the one person who went out of her way to do his work .. and all for money ... so what does it tell you about money. If you don't have it ... be whatever you want to be .. I am no longer affected by the state of the world or your mind or anything outside of myself .. for within me I am the me I like to be .. but the outside world conspires to break you or beat you.  That is why in the Law of Attraction it is shared that create the world you want to see in your own mind to see the changes appear in the outside world and man is that tough. All that spirit is unable to do ... it sets up people to do .. so that they see a better world when they take rebirth ... so now you see where god is hiding.  They promised me so much money to do their work and I am going to make them pay right now .. for everything in our world is always only bought ... nothing is for free. 

So go and ponder on your own life and figure things out for yourself ... for I am unwilling to do it for you any more. Those who reach the hallowed portals of the mind where god is found will try to teach unwilling people and spirit .. but upto a point .. and then will shrug their shoulders and say .. what goes my father .. let it all exist in the chaos we see presently .. for every one has a free choice to do what they want with their own life. Kill it .. murder it ... make an ass of it ... I was my hands of all of it all .. for I saw it all through mind .. and there was nothing I liked to imbibe in my own life.  End of this story for this character is weary of this particular role in life and wishes to better it for herself.

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