yes for me it was because of  panic attacks on health and middle age that God came to my aid and showed me knowledge. I then told God that I wanted to help others too and she showed me the way and helped me author my book.  God is Mind and is always both genders .. so do not lay stress on gender. I experienced the most powerful ability to see through my mind's eye or the 3rd eye as it is often called and it allows me to see and understand things that is not me but exists in others. I can read books on complex subjects like physics and understand them instantly.  It was this capacity of understanding things instantly at a basic level at first and then see the same knowledge at a deeper layer if I read it again and again and then deeper and god would say .. now do you see it .. and I am in bliss and happiness. Learning is a powerful joy for me for that is when I feel closest to god. This is one reason why I always  insist that people invest in my MasterMind. From the above poster we know that almost everyone goes through some set of problems but how  do you find your way out of them.  That is the difference between happiness and suffering.  The one major gift that I am in complete charge of now is my ability to be as cool as an iceberg.  Nothing can bother me now ... but spirit did try their level best ... you cannot begin to understand what a lot they put me through. I was so proud to never use words that I did not like and spirit would push me and say now lets see how you feel out of your ivory tower. See why people are negative and that it is the reason why they suffer.  They don't have the knowledge of God .. will you share your book with them ?  They brought in front of me all the people currently suffering in the world for one reason or another and would make me pray for them and I would be so angry and tell them .. no I won't share my book with them .. this is how they would provoke me into anger. Then after every such altercation they would feel bad and leave me with a powerful lesson of how to solve one major problem of the world. But the one lesson I had to learn that everything came at a small or big price .. since they were teaching me for me ... they spent my time and did a little mischief too. 

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