Is a death borne out of illness necessary ?

How much do you love yourself  ?

Enough to believe in a power within you to grant you the boons of a long life ?

What else is there to this life on a physical plane if you cannot bring to good use knowledge of yourself as a spiritual being and get it to work for you ?

This question came face to face with me when I heard of the death of a good friend from cancer .. last night.  She was 80 years old and some would say ... she is lucky she lived so long. If you believed this story ... then a bigger fool than you I have yet to find.  You live on earth the only world that supports life at present ... and there are millions of worlds out there in space. So what does that speak of your life force ... that you are life consciousness that is very very important. Life is a very precious gift that many squander needlessly.

Many suffer and die  ... in my eyes that is a no-no.  Life is precious ... it is a gift that is planned ... it must be treasured. This morning I heard of the death of another dear friend .. he was about 50 years old and his doctor told him that he had 2 months to live .. so he simply laid down and died ... why do I say that .. he believed the doctor ... for until he did not he had the same chance of a long and healthy life as a right thinking individual does. What are illnesses at the end of the day .. just bad thoughts that bring you suffering. Good and righteous thoughts bring you long life free from illnesses.   The irony of this situation ... some other human (not god ... the truth of you as a manifestation of spirit) controlled that life through a carelessly dismissing of my friend's life.  That is not how it is supposed to be.  You must enter the world of god the creator ... how good things manifest in this world in your life and leave everything else out of the picture. Let it be the fate of others who do not own the power of a life giver like MasterMind. When they come to the knowledge of MasterMind .. they will be freed.  

Let me write a conclusion to life ..... as a god you own life ... as a wrong thinking individual ... even though you are a spirit in essence ... you are a nincompoop .. for you did not see the logic of a good life for yourself.  Tough my friend .. if there is one thing I know and that is spirit worked through me too.  It brought me bad first ... then put the fear of death into me too at the age of around 45. Guess what would have been my fate had I accepted that decision as sine die for my life. I would have been a statistic too. But here I am going to be 60 soon and planning to celebrate my life in a big way. And do you know that I had to literally fight limiting thoughts held in the psyche of past mankind for almost 5 years to reach this level of understanding.  In order to understand how my book's knowledge worked .. spirit literally put me through tests but I am a tough cookie and my tenacity to never give up is what brought me thus far still smiling and able to take things in my stride. God has a tough job with our world .... why .. most of the people living on this earth are dumb and incapable of thinking beyond their own small minds.

My soul showed me all kinds of stuff that suffering causes .... you are not spared in your next life too .. for life is a continuation from body to body ... just choose to be happy always. The bad cycles then cannot repeat themselves. From the schnoom knowledge in my religion I know that god does not allow a suffering soul an instant rebirth ... they must spend 57 years in introspection before they are allowed to be reborn.  So to be a spirit is not as grandiose as its cracked up to be.  There is a price to be paid for mistakes .. here and there.  God does not allow his greatest gift .. his soul possession as himself to be mistreated for any reason whatsoever.

And again the questions resurface in my mind ... that lady is someone I met often .. but God did not judge her as a worthy candidate worth saving even though she came from a wealthy family ... but her choice of thinking did not allow my book to reach her. I did not know of her cancer but I doubt that she would have accepted the fact that a book can cure her.  See the sceptism that people are full off. Alas the lives of people who refuse to let go of the baggage of unsuccess and keep following it for their lives ... get the results they deserve .. nothing changes until you decide to change ... make the change to go to a higher way of living. Funnily some may tell you that the world is changing ... coming into a higher spirituality are talking bunkum ... this knowledge has been around from the time God created the world ... and all I can say that the devil did his damnest to keep it from you ... and if the devil wins .. then certainly life doesn't.  The two are opposites  .. for the devil is the spirit that has lived (past) l-i-v-e-d ... is the reverse of devil. One truth .. all of life and spirit can be understood through the world of opposites.  Take the word d-o-g its meaning is loyalty for all in our world understand that ... so what do you see .. God's firm promise for your life .. loyalty to it. Still having doubts ... buzz off ... I will use my mind power to never let anyone benefit from my writing .. if you have not bought my MasterMind.  And as I have God on my side ... I am on safe ground ... for I own the power to bless myself.

Closed minds do the most damage to themselves. They prevent help from reaching them for they write themselves off.  They become victims in their own mind and only their own mind can free them. That just a simple change of thought .. a pro-life thought ... a desire expressed to God Source Energy can change things around.  Nothing needs to be sad .. bad  .. if one understands that God is simply a call away. I found god to be the easiest person to deal with ... no hanky-panky there. As straight as they come.  I was always happy when I took inspiration from that way of thinking. It was a catharsis of sorts ... to have to make only small changes to come into the shelter of God's goodness. I am blessed for I understood that only I could make that choice .. the rest simply fell into place. 

Life is lived as a story ... everything comes to you just through a change of thought ... DON'T COMPLICATE LIFE ... SUFFERING IS THE RESULT.  SEE BEAUTIFUL PICTURES IN YOUR MIND OF WHAT YOU WANT LIFE TO BE. ITS AS SIMPLE AS THAT.

My angels keep having fun with me ... after I wrote this article ... they gave me a poke on my calf and made me glance out of the window at my cook walking by . and my mind shared that they had just given me a gift of youth .. an ability to stand for long hours on my feet .. but I already own these and several others through the power of my own mind .. and besides why would I want to stand around for long hours at a time ?  Just showing you an example of how your own powers can be compromised by a wayward thought or idea planted in your head ... I am careful as to what I give credence too. You need to be able to protect yourself too. Buy MasterMind.

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