A conversation on fb ........

Roda Langrana just a question .. what if they are trying to break you

Jenifer Petigara Mistry Lol!! Roda .. Good question .. Ideally it would be fix urself such that no one can break you .. 

But realistically .. Break em so u don't need fixing !! Lol!!

I was not meaning literally myself .. for I do not have any such problems ... but my spiritual journey did giive me some problems with spirit where they would try to find some silly fault and blow it up out of context long after it was over and done with .... but that was in the past when I was practicing on eliminating my duality. Till I wisened up to their game and would have none of iT ... for my life is mine and no one dare interfere. But your idea is a pretty nifty one if I did need it to work with spirit. What spirit shared with me was that they were trying to re arrange the thoughts of the world and I was their conduit for positivity through my book MasterMind for vortexes keep going on at full speed 24 hours of the day  recroding my thoughts and reactions.

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