MasterMind by Roda Langrana, secret of law of attraction

In all honesty I accept that the truth is sometimes more cruel .... my own soul tried its damnest to stop my name and fame and the success of my book ... such a disgusting act ... it was retribution for all the unsavoury truths I shared about them .. how they used the mind more to blackmail and swindle than teach. I wanted my success instantly and so I fought. I felt I was right that they possibly felt they were .. and there was a stalemate .. for I was feeling my way into newness and I liked to be in control. I still do and I have won my freedom to be so through these words I share. 

Just remember one thing always ... truth is the only leveller .. that is why there are so many stories of people who were at rock bottom before they shot their arrow into a bullseye.  At least I learnt how the spirit world functions through these interactions ... but the understanding only ended up in me wanting to seize more and more control for myself  .. ah well. 

Zip and zap spirit I learnt to be able to do so easily ... just as a lion lifts a paw nonchalantly to swat an irritating fly. I was soon bored of that game for it was so easy .. a thought would begin to make an appearance in my mind ... and my mind would figure it out even before it made its appearance that it did not originate in my mind but that my soul was trying to pass it off as mine ( Okay so here comes the great leveller .. your soul consists of your past lives .. you can safely conclude that since you are on a journey of enlightenment that your soul was less developed in your last life ).I could see the thought even before it made its appearance in my mind ... wow that learning was sheer fun.

I am over any interaction with them ... for though they were a little bad ... the way they clung to me and only wanted me to follow their old and antiquated ways of manifesting .. instead of allowing me the free will of God to do my own thinking and forge my own path to success. But I gained in time for my success came to me that much faster ... for after a while I needed to do no work but work on the bad thoughts in my head. That means I could do it anywhere .. like a tortoise I carried my world with me wherever I went. The amount of stuff I learnt is mind boggling.  Like a samurai warrior .. I bow to the higher power that chose the path that I ought to follow ... till the time soon came when the pupil was ready to be the teacher and then there was no looking back. Now there was no place to accommodate the past ... it was only the road ahead  .. well understood and I was independent ... but spirit still tugs at my heartstrings .. sometimes the methodology of the lessons were not tolerated by me for I am a proud and full of my own ego. When the whole world tries to forget ego .. I choose it as my most important companion. For without my ego I might have been just another coach on the LOA .. but I set out to teach teachers .. why .. because my base knowledge was so powerful when I started  .. I understood the depth of the subject from the start ... that it was the only option open to me.

Spirit kept calling me God and said that I was one of the chosen who change the world with my honesty of thought ... for there was nothing I would do if it did not come from the highest truth.

I did have the most amazing experiences with consciousness and I was easily able to identify the difference between spirit and consciousness.  To clarify .. spirit is another soul and consciousness is your life. 

Want such amazing experiences for yourself 
then the only way to be able to do so is through my book MasterMind. I am its creator and when you buy from an artistic creator you get the finesse of language and you are buying more than just a book. You are buying hours and hours of work which may be termed as failures of experimentation. You are also buying days and months of working without an income and moments of pure joy too. 

MasterMind is not just a thing or a book .. its a very big piece of my heart ... so many moments of my life.  Whatever be the words I choose to express my story ... they are but the truths of my present. In every second is a new present .... my results are but an expression of committing my time to being totally aware that God lives through me and I am the orchestra that you may hear when I speak ... for it is the highest beauty of thought. I fear nothing and no one ... for who may I .. when I am in all.

I am the Universe and the Universe is in me. 24 hours of the day have I felt the universe in me in each and every part of my body .. rotating and rotating ... even when I am busy outside the house ... when I am still and focussed inwards I feel the rotations and I know that God is with me and we are working and working and working. Just as I am writing this the little sprite that lives in my head .. is saying hmmmm .. I am doing it .. and I burst out laughing .. for it is always telling me that they are competing with me. At first it bugged me no end .. but I soon relented and now laugh at their silly ways to try to amuse me and make me happy.

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