law of attraction mastermind by roda langrana
secret of law of attraction mastermind by roda langrana


When I had reached the number 50 in the articles I wrote on my journey I thought I had completed the matter required for the Law of Attraction to begin to manifest itself into lives. And since I found this as easy as making apple pie ... my mind which saw immense possibilities for myself through this work began to dig deeper to find the way things work. And I so enjoyed my work that I just kept on and soon find I have so much material to write the many books that I did want to. So many titles have been touched on in my mind and lo and behold all of it is done to create the body of work that I did desire as my own.  I don't think that inspiration is done with me as yet for life is a poetry in motion ... for the amount of poetry I have written ... covers the gamut of the law of attraction and I am still going strong. I learnt that I could turn it off or on .. I really didn't even understand that my journey with spirit as my guide is the real deal .. we played our roles to perfection like samurai warriors ... each not giving an inch to the other .. a deadly game with but one mission to give people back their joys ... for they were always playing a role to help me understand ... both sides to everything ... mine as life and spirit as non-life ...  as well as its opposite ... but foolishly I created a little red devil who never did or will exist .. for it was always in my mind ... it was to learn to walk away from demons within us which are our real test ... and the amazing part here is to not to make it a life and death issue .. no stress whatsoever ... so that when you see the light in every given situation .. you are free ... free of the trappings society burdens you with ... but guess what .. after I received MasterMind ... I became so vain that I chose to do my own thinking ... I AM .. MASTERMIND, AS I WANT IT, even when others did not even understand where I was coming from.

Fortunately I did not go the scientists' way by studying the body .. a limiting experience at best .. for they find systems .. but not the code, dna the building blocks of life they may unravel after thousands of years ... but they must still seek God to help them understand the code that runs it. Its not impossible .. but the venus trap ... they must come to MasterMind to unravel the genius lying right within their own minds. A penny's worth for a penny and a dollar's worth for a dollar .. I think that's fair ..  99 dollars is my price for creating your universe for you .. for this was god's gift to me and he had set the price that I must quote for the value I had created.  I went and hooked onto mind ... not the brain .. its not the software running us ..its the hardware that is following orders ... it does the work for the software ... in other words .. it follows orders .. but me .. I am more comfortable giving orders .. for creating new or renewing. I have so much fun zip-zapping energy ... the crow .. the parrot .. the squirrel and my own sub-conscious anything that is represented by a thought or a noise I wish to control ... I just catch that energy and roll it round and round in my mind sending it on a merry spin and it must shut up to obey me. 

Along the way when I saw how easy it was for me to find out how the mind works ... God pointed me in the right direction and showed me .. come unto me .. let me be you .. or rather you become more and more like me. The teacher for teachers .. just a linking to truth ... for I see things that most don't .. I see what others teach for the law of attraction ... nothing wrong ... but its the mere tip of the iceberg .. and like the proverbial iceberg .. most of it is under water (a case in point ... had I said underground ... it would mean irretrievable .. lost to us in older civilizations).  I have a wonderful article where I have linked myself to an iceberg. Water is the flow of life for we are 96% water. Energy is harnessed by our minds for our bodies through the electromagnetic field of aural energy that covers us. This aural energy is God and as God is everything .. our cells and atoms are constantly flow in and out of us. So go ask the scientists why their theory of illnesses is absolute bunkum ... they have not the least idea the utter tripe they have been feeding mankind for years .... they have subjugated your mind and turned you into a body. A body is only the hardware .. but unless you have knowledge or control of the software .. you're going nowhere baby!

So when I decided to teach what my mind shared as God .. it was the truth of how things actually work.  Illnesses and healings have both been mastered by me ... in my own body where I can see for myself what I do for others and how it works. For that I had to suffer the illnesses and the pain ... to prove it to myself .... and I will always be kind as to share the facts as they are ... simple and uncomplicated. Not pretend to be smarter than others just because I have the answers directly through mind. I knew that this was my ego .. to be the best at anything is the perfection of God .. there is no room for error here. And yet when I share that this is so easy when you repeat the actions for some time ... it is the humbleness to keep trying till I succeeded. So when the whole world wants to portray humbleness alone as a benchmark  for goodness ... then I will explain that you need a big ego to be able to continue after you have failed many times to reach your target. God did try my ego by many people laughing and sniggering at my desire to succeed at my goal .. so they were the fools of the world is what god pointed them out to me as. All my children are in various stages of mental growth .. find one answer that fits all was his command and I set about proving it ... delving into the minds of many to sift and sort what was truth and what was not ... who spurred me on with their negativity ... and if I had eaten humble pie .. I would have had to walk away from my success. What I did learn that each failure that my ego had to tackle .. made me want to give it up at first ... but failure could never be an option for me ... I had my own braggado to prove ....for I have been known to openly talk of my success as in my present ... and yes I had mastered another trick of the mind and that satisfaction was seeing me as the cheshire cat that had licked the cream ... and each time I returned to the task at hand .. I could see that I had raised myself a notch higher ... literally leaving me unafraid to succeed. I no longer felt the need to talk about my book to others .. I would imperiously say ... there is no need to knock on that door .. God does not live there. For where God lives is an automatic alignment to God that lives through me.

I must admit that I did not understand Jesus very well upto this point and now he began to show up in many ways and I began to see similarities between the way he did his work and the way I did mine. Funnily enough I had a conversation with God when He kept wanting me to simplify the Gathas (the words of Zarathushtra and it too was my desire to empower the youth through this work) and this was at the absolute start of my journey and I told God that suffering is not for me .. look what your own creation did to Jesus. Jesus suffered a lot to teach mankind but .. I was having none of that and neither did I want to become a sage or a seer. Some may call that ego but I think it is rising to the occasion to be able to be all I want to be without any linkages to the past ... by being comfortable with who I was without explaining myself to anybody else .. without carrying the baggage of the past into my life.

The alter-ego of man which is greed for power but unkowing how to get it for itself kills and maims to attain it. Observe the wars that are fought between countries ... when leaders of countries know how to get what they want without resorting to wars .. only then have they proved their mettle of being good leaders .. a moral issue which is so lost at times .. one wonders why morality is left out of school curriculums.  Leaders too will heave huge sighs of relief to have all their problems solved without altercations .. an absolute win win situation ... and we then enter into the golden age of man as god and spirit in harmony and unity ... for we and they are one and the same. Our sharpness and keenness mellowed to perfection.

That nobody will ever touch a hair on your head for you must treat all as one mind capable of getting things for themselves through truth.  So then god showed me the way out .. christianity came out of zoroastrianism ... God said go back to the beginning and start setting things right from there. And I saw what I needed to see .. my raison d├Ętre for being a zoroastrian .. for the entire meaning of the Ashem Vohu prayer is the sum of the Law of Attraction. Its knowledge culled into a prayer only 21 words long ... but like my book MasterMind .. the more you understood each line ... the 100s of layers to each sentence kept popping up for my joys to show up in my life. 

The western world has been guilty of plagiarising and poaching from the past ... zoroastrianism which they turned around into something new ... does not give credit of continuity to the original .. thus a lot is left to conjecture. But I learned truly that the most powerful of god's lessons are deposited in past religions ... and though they remain the same .. the march of time may try to make them sound redundant for our future ... stick to them for you need this and other knowledge like the law of attraction to make it the complete story for your life. Religion is always the touchstone for life ... and the law may be the cornerstone ... but at the end of the day they are one and the same for they belong to the creator called god ... for his/her use. We may progress but these lessons remain with us forever.

Layers within layers .... folds in the history of life .. where a lot of work done  to reach perfection is tucked out of sight .. so that those mistakes are eliminated from the future. It was not me who was able to call myself God at first and when there are millions of us through MasterMind .. it does not make me any more unique than to be the first .. in other words its god who can change things for mankind. It was spirit who kept telling me that I was God for they were working through me to change things for the world ... so I took the word to mean somebody who wishes the best for the world and was willing to do the work necessary to see this through. Spirit has for long played the alter-ego to my positivity. They are the 2 sides of God that exist but must be understood to get the best out of life. One thing spirit aka God ... devil .. aka sub-conscious are all one and the same ... they hold knowledge for our lives. Depending on what knowledge you link yourself to (they are called thoughts for they have come out of some mind .. the past .. the present .. the future) are all creations .. so we are the gods, the devil .. the sub-conscious all rolled into one and the only lesson worth remembering that to be god one must think correctly as god does.  So I categorically say that if I have not been able to make a difference in the lives of many I do not have the power to call myself god .. but as I actually have .. toiling away without too much recognition .. but accepting it all the same through my 3rd eye which kept on showing me so many things I doubt half the people of the world together know as much as I do. I have answers at my fingertips ... not the type that require a page of formulas but one which explains facts in simple terms. To each their own way. Many times when spirit tried to teach me more and more .. I said enough .. I do not want to learn that ... of what use is knowledge that does not excite me. What excites me how to solve the problems mankind has and they are so simple that many times the listener will listen askance ... and then ask me .. is that all. Of course that is all ... if you create complexity .. you are never going to be able to get the work done. And with the x number of years that most people live ( I leave myself out of this equation) when are you going to learn everything required to live the good life. So tough. 

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