The meaning of life is to find your gift 
The purpose of life is to give it away  ..... Pablo Picasso

Let me begin with ..... the purpose of life is to give it away ... when I wrote MasterMind .. I completed the first line .. for it found me .. I really did not think too much when I first found the law of attraction ... for it was love at first sight ... like it was and has and will always be a part of me.

Now to come back to the first ... with MasterMind I received the gift of the gab ... an ability to write superlatively well ... for only that would complete my purpose ... to share it with the millions who will read it to find their life's purpose. You cannot expect to write an incomplete story and have people find success through it.  My prayer to god was I must have the whole picture portrayed through my book ... monetory success .. happiness .. complete health and little did I understand the magnitude of all that I had asked ... FOR GOD KEPT ON OPENING THE LAYERS ... SEE THIS .. NOW YOU WILL UNDERSTAND IT ... SEE THAT .. NOW YOU WILL UNDERSTAND THAT .. SEE THIS TO KNOW HOW TO WORK IT ... SEE THAT AND NOW START MAKING IT WORK .... for my MasterMind is like a miracle in your life.  

God made me walk through my book and see for myself that what I shared was possible ... spirit was decidedly unkind to me at times ... the duality of us which I would not accept sine die ... I fought and fought with words ... lost a lot of time resolving it ... and was never ready to give up for a warrior never loses a fight .... it converts the other into a friend .. and so we made our peace with differing viewpoints at times .. but it was always me who had to bend ... why ... for whenever I understood the whole picture of a lesson .. I could only see my gain.  And indeed I saw myself as a true warrior .. our blades were always sheathed ... it was wisdom that was put to the test ... is positive always good and I have to tell you that I began with this viewpoint ... and when I went with love and tolerance for the devil .. what spirit showed me was ... then they will not get a copy of your MasterMind .. don't you want to help them too ... did I understand powerfully that the only consciousness that needs the power of creation resides within life and must accept that all life is moving towards perfection and I may not judge another's journey.

And the acid test ... sell every copy at its market rate for only when it is selling can it carve a niche for itself as a leader worth following.  Its the true test for success when random strangers are forced to  invest in a copy .. for without a copy where are their benefits. A sharing through trade and commerce is the ultimate test for the world bows to a kind leader capable of giving them everything they desire.

I have finally understood the above ... for all the inspiration in the world is nought when you have not experienced anything first hand.  I am the author of MasterMind on the law of attraction and its now about 3 years since I am ... and all I have been doing is giving it away in the form of advice to anybody and everybody ... some are in awe of the same .. to some it has been the first lesson that has shed some light on their minds but what amazed me the most was to see my maids to whom I am teaching through everyday experiences and I see the immense change in their vibrations. They have seen me communicate with animals and birds .. they through their sounds and me understanding everything they share ... with them in their environment and me in mine and yet we communicate ... and sometimes god spirit flying a plane over my home several times in a day or in minutes at times.     I have been so lazy to stay in the vortex for long and I tell god .. how long do I have to keep on repeating this ... I am tired of doing the same thing .. I am your child and just like you I want to do things only once to see them happen .... and just like a child is made to learn their tables when all they want to do is play and in this manner I reached the serendipitous place where I no longer needed god spirit to manifest anything ...for I found myself effortlessly doing all my own creating. And it all makes perfect sense to me for what god spirit did was strengthen my hands and legs to do good work in this world ... the message that is there at the back of my book ... I chose my journey or rather they chose me .. which is one and the same ... and spirit and god walked me through it. I am a bit irreverent at times and totally reverent ... and this trait I imbibed from the priests at my fire temple as a child.

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