law of attraction mastermind by roda langrana

secret of law of attraction mastermind by roda langrana


Love was a journey to the self
Seen within .... as without
Only as me ... me the me
As none other than in my now
No past .. no future .. as important
As my now ..
The power of the creator is in
Consciousness ...
The One that won the right to be the One.


Love is the outer manifestation of God. This is when others' see your powers of creation and you as the favoured one ... you as the one who would not accept a no from anybody .. friend or foe. We all have them. Jealousy is the biggest foe of mankind for those who cannot create .. instead of wanting to learn how ... are instead full of envy and jealousy of those that do. They slide like water of a duck's back ... gone .. never to be seen or heard from again. 

As you may already know "i am' stands for God  (Ahura Mazda means "i am")  so everytime we say ....  I am Roda (I am god named Roda) .......then  I am sharing with God that I accept God as the guide for my life through my mind ... so what does that teach you that you are "i am ______" (god named _______ ) . This is powerful knowledge and only the very brave will accept the challenge to read my book MasterMind and accept that they are capable of becoming  "I am" . Then Mazda will guide and teach you.  Now to explain the word impossible above in your quotation ... which I understood instantly ..most people when they read the word impossible they do not know that the word is a composition of these words "I m possible" which simply means when I accepted my I am .... everything became possible for me.   For the power of god in you is invisible but you must believe in it before anything else to receive it. In plain and simple english ... you will always keep going round and round the mulberry bush without MasterMind  .. for God must be felt in your heart ... not the regular love but one that comes from understanding God. I was a person who said my prayers everyday and yet I never was able to reach the pinnacle of anything ... even though I am good at many things. 

To have the world as my oyster is a feeling only god gave me when God showed me that see ... name a country in the world where people have not read your websites and have bought your book. Success is an aphrodisiac that only the bold will be given .... for you are representing god on this earth and you must rise above common ways of thinking to be worthy of all the good that is showered on such people.

And this entire journey was accomplished by simply sitting in my little office at home and writing inspirational writing that I kept experiencing from day to day ... small everyday joys that came with a large dollop of love at first ... a spur to keep me going when my sales were yet to be seen by me.  And when the sales came .... actually when I sold my first copy .. all my doubts had disappeared ... for I was told by many that my book was priced high.  But its a book .. one in a million ... so it is not the same as other millions of books.  So Mazda kept showing me .. I can do this .. I can do that .. and on and on it went without a stop ... till mazda stopped sharing anything with me through my mind .. for by this time ... we were one and whatever I thought was Mazda ... no more duality. Its been a long time that anyone can influence my thinking patterns ... I just stick to what I think as absolutely right ... and if someone has a different opinion ... whereas earlier I would spend time trying to make them see things from my point of you ... but nowadays I have learnt to function like god would ... I leave you with choices ... god is knowledge of god ... go to it .. or move away from it ... your results will show you where you are.  There are so many fish in the sea and I lost precious time trying to change people's minds. I know that I have definitely influenced them ... but to see results its not enough to just sit on the fence.  You must want to begin your own journey through MasterMind. I end with the complete faith that as god resides in all of us ... you will have been loved enough to accept MasterMind to take you close to God.

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