For me there is no fear
When all my roads have lead me to here
A new Rumplestiltskin I will be
Spinning my straw into gold
Mundane me going into mode sublime ..
An alchemist for your mind.

Like Goldilocks I strayed off the path
And the wicked wolf led me astray ..
Time I lost .. but I gained in knowledge ..
A pleasant time .. a fruitful time
But now ... only the fruits I desire.

This I saw as the only way out
So speeded up the altercations. 
Just at first we hugged .. 
And then we shrugged .. 
And then we hugged some more.
From then on .. till now ..
There's no looking back.

Though we are made .. to glance behind
Again and again .. don't
How easily the past ..
Keeps you in its thrall.
So when you glance ..
Don't let the walk
Take you off your path.

Make time and money
Your only gods
I pricked my bubble ..
With a golden wand
To see things fall out and into place.
I bit of pixie dust was all I used
To bemuse you .. my friend.

A lesson then .. I did learn
From now on .. there's no looking back
My phantom lives in my mind
My soul sublime .. my past
Is with me in my now .. my present
We walk the walk 
And talk the talk
And do all that's required in time.

A fanciful thought ...
Ruby with the diamond touch.

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