‘I AM’ = ‘MasterMind’
I AM a creator …..never felt the need to compete ever …for I have always got what I wanted effortlessly. This has been true for me for all my life.
Through MasterMind  … it is what I teach you … my immense love to help all in the world .. something I do not feel the need to explain .. for meaningless explanations takes the shine out of a love that never needs to justify itself.
God is GOODNESS OF SELF … a giving to all through the self …what I want for myself .. I want for everybody else too ... in such a way that as I receive ….every other man/woman with MasterMind will have more than they have now. Which in simple english means if you walk the path that I laid out for you with scented roses .. you cannot but become a millionaire.
And you don't have to do anything more than read MasterMind with the deep conviction that all your needs will be met .. and they will ... for I swear by all I hold holy that this was the message shared with me and I followed it to the T .. never ever doubting this truth. The actual words that God did share with me were >>> I did God's bidding by writing this book .. But it was my hands that laboured on."The instruction was to use it as a byeline for my book. When I received the message I did not even know what a byeline was and had to google the word to understand it. And yet I went ahead and the rest is history. This is the exact same way God will communicate with you ... directly to you through your mind .. trust it and work with the instructions .. it will be the only perfect answer of your life .. it cannot fail at any level .. unless you give up. See this exercise through and watch it create a magic for your life that is more than stupendous .. for it lifts you and cradles you in its arms .. the most amazing experience .. enough for a lifetime of feeling good.
This is the secret to manifestation. To be able to harness the natural and inherent power within you ...... to think whatever you want to think. Most people become reticent, they cower in their minds thinking they are not good enough for the bounties of this world. They do not accept the fact that they are indeed one manifestation of God and to call yourself one may not be wrong in the broad sense of the term. When you accept this TRUTH you will behave in a manner befitting that. This is what is meant by inheriting the kingdom of heaven.

It is easy to think according to appearance (this means what you see in your present circumstance) but to be able to think TRUTH (this means what you want) is difficult and laborious and requires a different way of thinking .. nothing dramatic .. just positivity and goodness ... than any other work  you may be called upon to do. Sustained and consecutive thought to manifesting requires some amount of work for the world. Your mind tends to wander from one thought to another just as a butterfly flits from one flower to another - and if you have actually observed a butterfly - they barely sit on a flower and they are off again.

I shall share another TRUTH with you ... working with God is .. as I want it ... whatever I choose for my journey's experience.  So the exact opposite of the above .. will do just fine too ... think things just once with the complete faith that it is on its way to you .. after all you are working with god and his ways are endless. Just for variety choose this version too and you will be surprised that it works just fine too. 

So it is with our thoughts. It is truly the hardest work in the world to be focussed on positive results all the time in the beginning but with practice all things are perfected ... and this is probably the only reason why many people take a little time to perfect the art of manifesting  their desires ..... and it becomes doubly difficult when TRUTH (your desires, your wants) is contrary to appearance (your present circumstance).
Another piece of advice - it is not necessary to share your desires/wants with another for it is after all your journey and of utmost interest only to you. It is also possible that others when they do not come from your way of thinking may confuse you through their counter suggestions for that person is not as clued in as you may be and therefore end up delaying your manifestation.

Understand these TRUTHS given below (remember TRUTHS .. by their very nature should be UNCHANGEABLE) which means that if you experience these in your life they will most probably end up manifesting themselves and trust me .... you do want to be sure err on the side of right  - HANDLE THESE THOUGHTS WITH CARE (LOVE .. be kind to yourself always) !!


To look upon the appearance of disease (another expression - think) .... will produce the form of the disease in your own mind and ultimately in your body. 
This happens when you focus your thinking on it endlessly allowing fears to build up in you .. thus leaving you open to an attack of the same idea you focussed on. BUT IF YOU CAN HOLD THE TRUTH IN YOUR MIND INSTEAD - WHICH IS THAT THERE IS NO DISEASE - IT IS ONLY AN APPEARANCE - AND YOUR ACTUAL REALITY IS YOUR OWN GOOD HEALTH - THEN YOU WILL HAVE TRIUMPHED OVER THAT BAD THOUGHT. And I can say this with the absolute conviction of someone who first victimised hereself with diabetes (read all about it at and is now free of it by believing in TRUTH.

To be able to think perfect health when surrounded by an appearance of disease, to be able to think great wealth in the midst of poverty, requires immense power but let me set your mind at rest here itself ... it is an achievable goal. Remember you have Eternal Spirit residing within you and you can always reach out to him/her when a doubt raises its ugly head.It is ever so easy with MasterMind by your side. When such a doubt niggles the mind .. simply pick up MasterMind and randomly open to a page ... read what is written there and your soul will instantly be at peace. I have proved this to be true in my life again and again. MasterMind is a stress buster .. the biggest curse of this world is stress .. stress creates a shortness of breath ... the very act of breathing is Life.

I have evolved one surefire way to overcome them which I learnt while rewriting the actual words of Zarathushtra. Zarathushtra said that you can immediately mitigate the effects of a bad thought on you by simply addressing Satan/Devil by name and immediately say Satan get off my back and you will realise that indeed those bad thoughts will slowly disappear from your thinking and hence your life.

I was happy when on sharing this knowledge with others they would look on me with such relief and reading the TRUTH begins to reinforce itself in your own mind and you will no longer be affected by the reactions of others. When this happens ....congratulate yourself - you truly are a Mastermind - you will begin to think like God does and just as God is never affected by what humans think, say and do - God is never judgemental - you will begin to behave in a like manner.

While writing this ... one fact of my innate nature comes to my mind. I was/am a very confident person, I always made my own decisions, I have never bothered or been affected by what others said or did. I was always the master of my own destiny and I have always been a happy person. Then somewhere along the line I became prey to heterosuggestions i.e. opinions expressed by others. But just being the person I am ... I was made to see  where I went wrong and thankfully I am once again back on track and it feels wonderful just being my old self.
Some uniniated/self-effacing persons I know have called me boastful / a show-off, etc etc but I know that in my line of work where I must speak of truth only ..I was able to take those remarks in my stride and continue to do the work that is a part of my destiny. Remember if you really wish to help a lot of people you need to be able to talk / write about it so that you share experiences and knowledge. And that means that I must be comfortable talking about myself.

It is an infinitely empowering thought for when you do so you are in effect blessing yourself. Remember what you do comes back to you manifold.

I have a wonderfully wicked and sometimes caustic sense of humor which I do try to keep in check - but hey...that's just the way I was but I am getting better.

I end with the most valuable suggestion of all - invest in my MasterMind - keep reading a little everyday and watch your life take a turn for the better. Then bless yourself by sharing the knowledge with others. You will wake up to the wonderful realisation that you are much loved by God and he/she wants the best in life for you too.

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