Through little bubbles of energy 
I am on show as MasterMind
How all the work I did .. for your world and mine
With money ..  viz ..  its cornerstone.

I just chose how much I worked
As a god ... could I give less ??
More is the norm
There's not even a glass ceiling yet.

Like being encapsulated in a bubble ..
Blow air to make it bigger
A child's world of  coloured lights
So beautifully transparent
Yo .. hearts .. do see .. at first glance.

There are sometimes more 
And sometimes less
The roads ..
That needs must be traversed
Plan to do them now
Don't wait for time and tide
It never calls ...  to everyone.

The creator's ways are mystical
They are magical
The clues are all around
But pick them up ? Why you must ..
Let me show you the way.

There are many ways to do things
The mundane and the sublime
The mundane .. though of god
Squarely .. leaves out the sublime.

The sublime .. when you choose its path
It changes your levitation
While the mundane live their life on land
The sky is for the sublime.

So change the direction of your thinking
Do plan to hear more than you listen to
Do speak more .. than speech
Come into the heart of the chase
And be at one ... with eternity.

Take the ebbs to reach the flows
Keep yourself on high tide
They eventually converge into a YOU
Kept ... separate from your work.

Otherwise life may converge the
Journeys ...
Bringing back patterns of the past ..
And I tell you a truth ...
You don't want ... any of that.

Goodness is in you
Of a good heart ..
I do not find you wanting ..
You may choose it for a lifetime
Or ... unto eternity.

The choice is yours
Just ... nobody told you so
How you may plan your next life
Building on it day to day ..
Begin ... from today.

Through this life I came to know
Just what I may have been
I looked in my mirror 
And I truly like me ..  as me.

If eternity were the top of a mountain
This life a scaling it must be
So in my past I must have been 
Something good ... for I like my soul
I just had to upgrade my software
Into my now .. to merge with soul
She is now me .... all upgraded. 

So even when life comes with Time
As its ticking bomb ...
Even thought my soul came with me
Even when I began at the start
Endings ...  I was shown
That could stretch into the thousands
It was to teach the world
All of the possibilities we have
As life.

Soul is spirit .. past .. present and future
They do love me much
That is clear to me
For when they spent much time
Being children 
I honed my skills on them.

And on and on and on we went
Spirit acting as a recalcitrant child
But would I give in
Not a whit ... 
Back and forth we went
A jedi master .. 
My ultimate aim.

I wanted God to bow too ..
Come be my mind ..
How else may I keep the promise
I made in MasterMind.
For I treated it ..
As an extension of me.

Humble was I in the beginning
I went on bended knee
But what I learnt .. 
As it was taught to me
Was ... to bow to no god
Not even the god in me.

You don't want only spirituality
Life is to be lived .. in this world
But with spirituality ..
Life ..... must hold its full glory.

So many people are content
By rituals ... they do perform
But a thinking there must be
Of god as you 
Yes .. there is more to you.

I'm pulling back the curtain
On spirituality ... call it by other names
Progress would fit the bill
Just as well as .. the past.
Scientists and atheists lose out here
So sorry .. thumbs down ...
You just can't call yourself gods.

For to god must you turn
As your parent 
Rather than ..
The monkey you chose to choose.

Once a monkey .. forever a monkey
A monkey god must you be 
The vastness of god's knowledge
Left out for you to see .

But fear not ... 
The monkey will always be there
In the past .... to dig and delve
But the future ... alas .. your future
Not that remains the mystery
Can you plot and plan
the future of man
As a god.

For truth be told ..
Those who look to the past
Are lost in antiquity ..
The world moves on
Richard Dawkins are you listening ?

Just this bit for now
Digest and regurgitate it ...
Right into your now.

For the possibilities with you as god
Are endless ....
As many layers as you care to find
But along with them
A mental spirituality ...
Must there be.

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