Most people need a reason to believe in things .... for it is just about the first reason to start the process of elimination .. of the fear of failure. Through my own lessons taught to me  when I sought to clear away the doubts of the present  ... I went into flashback mode. I saw my little little successes of the past and they convinced me that success is always that one extra step that one needs must take.

There was one crass individual from among my followers ... who had the temerity to tell me what a big deal I was making about being told that I may not live. Now I did not receive this threat  as a thinking adult ( though even thinking adults fall prey to such suggestions.. notice the epidemic of illnesses in our world)  .. but as a child  with an open and trusting mind ready to listen to the adults in her life. Please observe on Facebook the number of children in America falling ill and dying ... everyday I receive a request to pray for such and such child suffering from all kinds of life threatening illnesses ... after a while I find they are no more.
Luckily for me .... I am still here among the living ... so that I may write about it ... and now ready to put it permanently into my past for it holds no fear for me.

But I was a God loving person my whole life and even then I had these experiences .... as it turned out it was the one thing that was the surest safety net for me .. as I now want it for every individual. One need never be apathetic to someone dying much before their time when one has the wherewithal to prevent it.

We all cope just fine with small small failures ... we brush them aside as learning experiences .... there only for one reason .. to show us which path should never be taken. No ... not that way ... it tells you .... you know that there is no success down that path. Try another ... that may work. And when you have seen through these ruses .. you get bolder and want to dip your feet in deeper water ... secure that now you have the wherewithal in your mind to come out trumps every single time -- the first time you taste that success. And you first taste and feel it in your mind .... talking yourself into expecting it for yourself .... for what is the stark alternative ..... another failure ... now don't tell me you still haven't had enough of those.

Well this is how I did it ... after some time spent on the job .... it all became mental ... then I pushed with all my mental strength to stops the demons in my head which tried to convince me that I was still not ready. I would literally imagine myself holding a large rope and at the of which was a stone and I would picture myself going round and round in a frenzy -- knocking down the demons in my path .. not only the ones I saw in front .. but those that worked stealthily behind my back and those on either side of me .... clearing the path to my success. 

Guess what ... you  then reach a point of stability ... the point at which you realize that you are confusing yourself by continuing with this trend of thought for there are no enemies in our world  ... for I truly couldn't find any ... except the ones we create with our own thinking. An elimination of such thinking .. allows a  gifting ...  i.e. accepting it as a gift of my faith in God. That's what a big success is all about ... when you link yourself to God and do any work that holds the greater good of mankind as its ultimate result ... God clears the path for you to receive your greatest wealth as he did with me.

When I randomly wrote 99 dollars as the cost of my book just after I completed it ... it just felt right and came out of the depth of my very core. I respected it and began my journey to giving my readers .. along with MasterMind ... a fail proof system to success.

I first walked myself through the pages of MasterMind verifying in my own mind that I spoke the truth .. for though money was my aim ... I am not taking it just like that. I went out of my way to learn all the principles of health, wealth and happiness and I don't mind admitting it took me 2 long years when I put a lot of enjoyments on hold and I have no compunctions in admitting that I was averagely rich when I began. My journey with MasterMind was to prove to myself that anybody ... beginning with an X amount of limitations can go and achieve success. Having its base in spirituality... MasterMind .... allows you - the reader to believe that only trust and faith can move mountains and distrust can only bring with it a result that is in a relationship with it. I need not convince you further .. for it is clear to be ... a believer needs no convincing ... a disbeliever .. no amount is good enough.

I was a good human being when I began and the comfort I felt being so .. allowed me to grow ... and what I became was a better person. The next years of my journey are to being my best. It has already begun ... I have so many ideas jumping up and down in my head ... all fighting for attention and telling me ... begin with me me ... no me.  I have already begun to write for children ..  about 5 stories are lying as a first draft.

When I needed help, God held my hand and showed me the way ... 365 days ...24 hours ... I am blessed and accept the love that God showers on me .... but it is equal from my side too. 

Success is, therefore, made up of little little successes that help you cope with the little little failures on your journey to your big success.

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