Everytime I come across somebody with any problem I want to help them eliminate it … and I often wondered at my obsession to try to help everybody and I often wondered what they thought of me … as maybe some madcap dame … different from most people .. as most people are so busy in their own lives to spare a thought for another. Sometimes it would get me down and I would be stern with myself and tell myself … leave everybody alone and let them solve their own problems and then along will come somebody else and I forget my resolve to strictly mind my own business for I rationalise to myself what is the use of having knowledge if I don’t share it. And every time someone gives me a patient hearing and I have succeeded in making them understand the basic philosophy of the Law of Attraction I feel good.
The more I interact with others the more I discover the layers and layers of negativity that people have covered themselves with  and it takes a person of strong mental stamina to accept that perhaps … just perhaps they themselves are responsible for the circumstances they find themselves in .. for it is totally easier to put the blame elsewhere and then work backwards to actually support the theory why that somebody else is to blame. And the truth occurred to me that I, myself …. am a private person by nature and not interested to get involved in other people’s lives but nevertheless truly interested to help others solve their problems in the best possible way …. i.e. they themselves realize where they are erring and set things right . It is a powerfully cathartic thought for another to understand that they hold their own answers within their own hands and they need not go share any of their personal details with others…… if you believe the above to be true … then go get MasterMind
….. for I did write it to heal the world. Then go and hear what Steve Jobs has to say about people like me who think out of the box.

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