Two days ago I was out for dinner . I enjoy dining out for I love variety in my cuisines but that day I was really tired too and for some reason I was not connecting to my food and enjoying it with gusto as is my normal habit.  The middle of the night had me in some amount of difficulty and that created further bad thoughts ... leaving me with no other option but to suffer  the effects of my bad thoughts.  The whole of the next day did not go off well ...which being a strong individual just did not seem right to me .... so that was when I decided to take my life back into my own hands ...for the following day I was expected to join a close group of girl friends out for lunch and I really did not want to miss it.

I just told myself ...Roda .. there was nothing wrong with the food .. everyone else you know are just fine ... so be honest with yourself and acknowledge where you went wrong. So I had to admit that it was my own bad thoughts (fears) that had brought it upon me... and what a relief ... when I accepted that yes I am capable of having bad thoughts ... and yes they will naturally cause me the discomfort associated with that thought and until I rectify my thinking I am not going to be able to get out of it fast. 

So that day I apologized and acknowledged that I had brought it upon myself and guess what happened. I was completely healed ... and yes today I did go out with my  girlfriends and yes I did not bat an eyelid and ate whatever I wanted ...spicy fried chicken al and here I am late at night sharing this with you to bless you and free you of such problems too.  Wow .. I sometimes feel I want to pinch myself and see if I am for real ... ha ha.

MasterMind did that for me .... my life changed forever the day I accepted it.

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