No doubt that its that time of the year when it rains in my part of the world .. but today I experienced an absolutely new high in my life. I often talk to the trees  when I am very happy and they respond by swaying their branches and then I act like a giddy child and crinkle up my eyes and smile at them and address God - I love you. And I wish you were here with me to see the wonderful response I get for they literally are all swaying so fast that I am 100% sure that they are responding to me... and that I have connected with another facet of God's personality - nature.  I am happy for anyone to check this out for themselves.

I have this wacky sense of humour which has gotten me into trouble in the past and so I swore to only share my sense of humour with God for as my creator ... he accepted it as an intrinsic part of me and did not want to change me. So when I shared something funny ... I often got the same results and I accepted it to be God  responding to me but there was an element of puzzlement at the same time too! God does share his secrets with me ... but in bits and pieces ... not all at once. 

For some time now I am being exposed to the written word where we humans are capable of awakening the Godly part of us and activating nature too. This afternoon I was so happy and so at peace with everything that I kept saying it to myself in my mind and as I was getting ready to go for a bath I could look out of several windows and observe the trees around my house .... and to my surprise they were swaying so violently . There was no breeze and as I was so lost in my thoughts  that they were trying to draw attention to themselves. They were dancing so madly as if they had a life of their own ... that I had another of my eureka moments. God shared with me that it was actually me dancing through the trees. What !  Gosh ! and as this thought was shared with me through my mind it was a truly profound moment in my life - a defining moment when I realised that God and us ... we are and can always be ONE - in harmony with each other. Immediately a bad thought entered my head and broke that reverie which was going in the wrong direction where I was concerned ... protecting me from myself .. for we always assume wrongly  a union with God to be in death but that is so so wrong for it can be very much a part of our life always for being spiritual beings created from God there is never an end for us for we are God and God is us and God is eternity.

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