Today I understood one very vital aspect of God (guided by the birds outside my window who are none other than his angels doing God’s work in guiding me so that I may in turn understand and write about it all  … that God is not a person, a body or something tangible or solid that you can see. The reason why nobody has seen God….. is for the simple reason that God is a spirit .. a principle embodying the whole of goodness. That he is in all his creations is the reason why you see the beauty that is God for all things are his manifestations or simply put his creations.

I digress here but there is something I want to share that is a source of beautiful thoughts in my life and that is how I visually see God. As I am of the opinion that as I do God’s work he will show himself to me( I first learnt this from the gathas when Zarathushtra asked God to show himself to Zarathushtra and I figured that as Zarathushtra was a human too… the same could be the truth for me if I approached the idea with the expectation of receiving his grace and benevolence…. then I could see him too….. which he has done on so many occasions that there is no doubt any more in my mind as to the power of a human mind to be as close to God as it chooses…… so it stands to reason that what is true for me can also be true for many others if they but find inspiration enough on reading this to seek the beauty that is God for themselves. I live on a quiet road and I have a beautiful hibiscus tree outside my window to my home office and when at times I am conversing with God in my head while working there is this sweetest little bird that will call out to me … it goes tweet tweet and the message I get in my head is see I am here ..come find me …and I immediately get up all excited to try and find it … and sometimes it shows itself fully and sometimes it keeps flitting about from branch to branch just long enough for me to get a glimpse of it. Its really tiny and it has some amazing colours on it .. a little bit of greeny yellow… a bit of red .. and to my eyes it is the most beautiful bird that I have ever seen for God chose this little bird through which he made himself visible to me . This to me is the biggest gift that God could bestow on a human ..that he is always there for me … we are told to expect this for ourselves … but I have received it …. I wonder if there is another human on this earth who has reached God the way I have for my connection is 24/7 – 365 .. in fact every nano second.  I am so proud of this and it matters not who believes and who doesn’t for as I always say TRUTH IS UNCHANGEABLE. To those who will believe in the immense and complete power of this inspiration … let them understand that this knowledge will make you invincible … for when God is with you .. pray who can be against.

Ahura Mazda is another name that Zarathushtra gave to God in the language spoken at the time he wrote the Gathas i.e. 4,000 years ago….who is the supreme Lord of all. It is God who created the 2 spirits Spenta Mainyu, the good, the bountiful, a giver of blessings, which represents all that God is and is an extension of what God is Himself….. represents the good, holy, just and protecting .. in other words everything good.

But how does man living on earth understand good or goodness or God or the fact that man’s sole purpose on this earth is to try to be as much like God as he can possibly be.
So God created an opposite and opposing principle Anghremainyu, better known as the devil , or still better known as bad thoughts which represent everything evil and wicked, base and thus by its very nature destructive. This aspect is governed by a law called the Law of Polarity which states that everything has an equally opposing opposite for this principle can best be understood in pairs. The concept of good cannot be explained unless you use its opposite bad or wicked as an example.
All this was created and put into place before God created man .. his finest creation to be the beneficiary of it all. It is enough for man to understand that this was solely for his benefit alone.
The Zoroastrian religion is purely a monotheistic religion i.e. preaching of the principle of One God and this as I understand it is TRUTH for this was the first religion shared with man through Zarathushtra on earth.
Any other religion that may preach of more than One God has merely used the many principles and aspects of God’s goodness and given them individual names representing  different aspects of goodness so that each separate characteristic is given its due and just importance.
There are many things not completely understood by the human mind but they exist and they have a clear purpose for their existence but it is also true that when certain knowledge is required by the human race that knowledge is shared with us. We cannot envision the big picture that God has in place which may span many millennia and which would do us no good to know it all now but which will be shared with us with the march of time and as and when that particular knowledge is required for our progress. Not knowing everything is what makes life really interesting .. the discoveries, the inventions, learning how to create new and better things is what gives meaning to our lives …we’d be completely bored out of our wits otherwise.
And this in a nutshell is the sum total of all religions ever created for all religions borrowed heavily from Zoroastrianism. This is the truth too as you might discover if you researched on the subject and the way we need to lead our lives in communicating with God ….and it  is what is expected of us by God.

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