Everybody reading this should pay great attention to what I am saying here.I wish to give you the complete truth. It is not important what your personal circumstances are.....(you don't have a job, the economy is bad, you have an illness, etc, etc)God interacts with each and every individual according to your particular need and want. You need not study the subject in great detail to be able to successfully practice the Law of Attraction.
My book MasterMind gives you just enough information to set you going in the right direction. And I will expand on it and tell you why. While reading MasterMind  connect to yourself and ask yourself the questions to which you most urgently need answers. Then shut your eyes and say a small prayer - all the while holding the copy of MasterMind in your hand. Each question should be asked individually. Open the book randomly to any page and you will find your answer on it.  Just go with  - MasterMind..... and you will do just fine.

MasterMind was shared with me through "mind transfer" as God who is always benevolent .... wishes to help everybody who will reach out to him through MasterMind. I make this bold claim for I have proved this to myself over and over and over again. I did God's bidding by writing this book and it was my hand that laboured on but I could not have pulled it off on my own. I needed God to complete the equation.  Just as you will need  MasterMind to connect and find your answers.

When a story reaches the "moral" part ... it is complete. I have completed the task entrusted to me to share the knowledge of MasterMind with the world. It is a book I feel every family will own simply because of the beauty contained in its pages. I am grateful to God Almighty for choosing me to do his work for it reflects the immense faith he placed in my capacity to deliver. He looked into my soul and he found what he was searching for ... a possibility thinker .... someone who would lovingly do the work entrusted to her. It has taken me two years since I began to research, write and market my book. I took the difficult path , none of my articles are copied. I have written them myself when inspiration came to me through various sources. And sometimes when the task seemed huge and I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel ... I would be angry with God ... and just as soon I would seek his forgiveness for my momentary lapses and continue my work. MasterMind has found his own way in this world judging by my stats on my various sites. The people who come to my sites make their own choices ... they are all my brothers and sisters and so I know them at some level. I wish them all well and in doing so I bless myself too.

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